ARC Review: Fey (The Witches of Doyle #5) by Kirsten Weiss

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Fey Book Cover Fey
The Witches of Doyle #5
Kirsten Weiss
Paranormal Romance - Cozy Mystery
Misterio Press
October 28, 2018.
ARC Review Copy


This witch will do anything for a normal life with the man she loves. But when you’re on fairy patrol, normal is relative.

Witch Jayce Bonheim has packed away her candles, crystals and cauldrons. With her boyfriend recovering from a hex, she’s determined to build a sane and magic-free life for them both.

But when a horde of troublemaking gnomes invades the small town of Doyle, it’s up to Jayce and her magical sisters to send them packing.

After the gnomes lead Jayce to a murdered employee from her own café, she’s plunged into an investigation that lands her in the sheriff’s crosshairs. And Jayce must catch a killer before the sheriff’s brewing witch hunt nets a very real witch.

Fey is book 5 in The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery novels. Buy Fey and start reading this quirky witch mystery today!


Spells included in the back of the book.


Fey is book five in The Witches of Doyle series by Kristen Weiss.

I’ve been enjoying Weiss’s Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series and so when I saw that Fey was going on tour, I decided why not give The Witches of Doyle a chance. I’ve been wanting to try other books by Ms. Weiss, so it was a great opportunity.

Fey is book five, but you can still jump into the series without having read the others. The author does a good job recapping the events that happened to these characters, so we have an idea of where they are at. Now for me I prefer to read series books in order, but that doesn’t always happen. I was able to pick up the events that previously happened, but I know I would have liked to have read them myself, just to get a deeper feeling for the characters.

Witch Jayce Bonheim has given up magic. Why? Well; because her boyfriend or soul mate was hurt by an evil witch, so she feels it’s best to not do magic or have magical items out and around. This leads to some weird things happening to Jayce; because she’s not using her gift. I felt sad for Jayce and understood why she chooses not to do magic, but I was also like if your boyfriend can’t accept you for who you are then maybe he isn’t your soul mate. As for the boyfriend, Brayden. I liked him and I felt for him and what he went through. I think the main thing for them was neither one communicated, which leads to Jayce thinking she shouldn’t do magic and that wasn’t the case and as we all know communication is the key to a relationship.

Now onto the mystery or mysteries. Their are a few different mysteries going on and Jayce jumps into the one that has to do with her employee who turns up dead, but also their are these two weird characters, O’Hare and Raven, hanging around and watching what the sisters are doing, and some other magical stuff happening. I found myself drawn into the different mysteries. I had know idea who the murder was until the very end. I also enjoyed all the magical elements along the way and wonder who or what O’Hare and Raven are and what they are doing watching the sisters.

Fey was a fun magical cozy mystery. I had a delightful time and plan to start The Witches of Doyle from the beginning. If you enjoy Magic and Cozy Mysteries then this series is for you.

Rated: 3.5/4 Stars

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  1. This look fun. I do like that you can jump right in. Thanks Angela.
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    • You are welcome!

  2. This is so timely. I’m happy to see you enjoyed it. Nice review. Anne – Books of My Heart
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    • Yes it is timely… I had fun and I’ve read book one in the series, now to move on to book two. ^_^

  3. Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

    • It was a fun read and I’m starting the series from the start too. It was my pleasure to read and discover The Witches of Doyle series.