Review: Barbarian’s Heart (Ice Planet Barbarians #9) by Ruby Dixon

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Barbarian's Heart Book Cover Barbarian's Heart
Ice Planet Barbarians #9
Ruby Dixon
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
October 12th 2016


I’ve never spent a day without my mate since arriving on the ice planet. I’m happy and in love, and we have a beautiful child together. All that changed when the world shook.

My mate nearly died.

He wakes up from his coma…and he can’t remember me. Or our son. Every memory of the past two years is gone. And that changes everything between us. How can I love someone that doesn’t remember me?

How can I not, when I know he’s still my mate underneath it all?


Memories aren’t a problem, I’ve been realizing over time. We can always make new ones. And as long as we’re together, every day is a new opportunity to love and be happy.

I really like this series. It’s fun! The double POV’s give it a certain flair adding to my enjoyment. It’s a pattern I have come to adore. The books carrie with them sexy hero’s, likable heroine’s, sweet, funny and sexy moments. I also adore the world Dixon has created and the strong cast of characters.

Barbarian’s Heart was heartbreaking to read for me. What would you do if your husband, boyfriend, or someone you love forgot all about you and the life you had together?

Pashov survived the cave in, but at a cost. Stacy doesn’t know what to do when her fun loving man, now looks at her as a stranger. She keeps hoping, but everyday that goes by her hope slips away. Can they rebuild what they had, even if he can’t remember?

Barbarian’s Heart isn’t as action packed as the last few books. It takes a quieter approach and focuses entirely on Pashov and Stacey. I really enjoyed this one. I liked the approach Dixon took with this couple. The challenges they face are just like real life and what some people face. It’s not an easy read. It’s very emotional. It’s warm and romantic and a bit heartbreaking. You see how they both struggle and try to make things work.

Ice Planet Barbarians is one of my favorite Science Fiction Romance series to read. They are sexy and romantic.

Rated: 4 Stars

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    • YA!!! I hope you enjoy the books whenever you get around to reading. It’s a fun series and I’ve enjoyed reading.