Review: Gypsy (Sons of Sangue #3) by Patricia A. Rasey

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Gypsy Book Cover Gypsy
Sons of Sangue #3
Patricia A. Rasey
Paranormal Romance
April 28th 2015


Grayson “Gypsy” Gabor loves the ladies. As a matter of fact, the more the merrier. Life is good. That is until a mishap with a sexy as hell redhead leaves them mated. The eldest of vampires, Vlad Tepes, gives him a choice: keep her or give her up for all eternity to his one-time best friend, Anton.

Tamera Cantrell sets her sights on the Vice President of the Sons of Sangue, Gypsy. One night gone wrong, and she finds herself in the middle of one vampire who hates her and one who adores her. She’s left with three months to prove to the one who despises her that he can’t live without her.

Add in one Mexican Cartel, a vindictive primordial vampire, and a rival MC out for blood, and Gypsy has his hands full with club business. When Tamera’s life becomes endangered, Gypsy must act quick or chance losing her forever.


Gypsy is book three in the Sons of Sangue series by Patricia A. Rasey.

I’ve had my ups and downs with this series so far. I had issues with book one, Viper. I ended up loving book two, Hawk. And, now here we are on book three, Gypsy, and it didn’t work for me. I won’t be continue the series, unless my library has the books or they pop up as freebies.

I went into this one hoping for another amazing read like Hawk, but unfortunately our lead heroine Tamara irritated the hell out of me. She needed to die and this is sad; because she’s our lead and if you don’t like one or the other of the leads, it pretty much makes you dislike the book. I was half and half for Tamara, but then something’s come to light about her and well she had a lot of time to come clean and tell Gypsy the truth, but of course she doesn’t. She’s was/is selfish selfish selfish. As for Gypsy that man didn’t need her, but of course he falls for her anyway. I wanted Gypsy to fall for someone different. He also had is dick moments, but he wasn’t as bad as Tamara.

Their where some WOW and OMG moments that shocked me in the plot about the drug cartel and the rival MC, but they where not enough to by pass how much I wanted Tamara to lose her head.

Unfortunately; Gypsy was not the book for me. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you.

Rated: 2 Stars

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8 comments on “Review: Gypsy (Sons of Sangue #3) by Patricia A. Rasey

  1. Good review! I appreciate your sharing when it doesn’t work for you. It’s hard to do it because you don’t want to hurt the author or publisher but sometimes a book just isn’t for you. Anne – Books of My Heart
    Northwoman recently posted…Series on Saturday: Female Detectives’ MysteryMy Profile

    • It’s hard to share when the book doesn’t work, but I feel that we still need to share, just do it in a positive way by saying what worked and what didn’t. Not every book is for everyone and that’s why when a book don’t work I encourage them to still give it a try because we all have different tastes and likes on what we do enjoy. Thank’s Anne for visiting.

  2. Too bad you didn’t enjoy this book,I love gypsy he’s One of my fave of the sons of sangue! Ty! For your review angela. Shared on all my socials!??

    • I honestly liked Gypsy, but the women he got stuck with, AHHH… Thank’s for stoping in.

  3. That is a shame you don’t consistently enjoy these Angela. They have elements I enjoy, but I think I’d feel like you do.

    • Ya, They had elements that I liked and pulled me towards them, but unfortunately they just weren’t clicking with me. I really wanted to like this series. It sounds great and the covers, yummy!

  4. I absolutely love your honest reviews. Tamara was a pain I agree. However, the series does get better and better as it goes on. I do agree that not all books in a series will be loved. I have had my moments with certain series as well. The one thing that is the most important is an honest review. For that, I thank you.

    • Mary I’m glad to hear that you appreciate my reviews. Thank you for letting me know that the series does get better. As I said I may continue if I can find them at my library or if they pop up for free other then that I’m not inclined to purchase or continue. I do agree with series books their are ups and downs, good and bad, that’s how it goes. Thank’s for commenting.