Review: Zadri (Dragons of Preor #5) by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate

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Zadri Book Cover Zadri
Dragons of Preor #5
Celia Kyle as Erin Tate
Science Fiction Romance
October 2nd 2016


What’s a single, pregnant woman supposed to do when her family wants that baby gone? Go to Preor Choosing Station Tau and hope a dragon shapeshifting alien is her mate, of course.

Delaney Cole found her mate among the Preor only to watch him die—through his own eyes thanks to the Knowing. Now, what’s she supposed to do when she discovers that her second mate is the male who’d killed her first? It doesn’t matter that he’s gorgeous, that his peach scales invite her touch, and his thick muscles make her fingers tingle with the need to caress him. She shouldn’t want such a violent, deadly male, but… she does.

Zadri was born a son of Syh, orphaned and unwanted, and he never imagined actually having a mate. Yet, Delaney is his. Yes, he was the one to rip out her first mate’s throat, but now that he has experienced the Knowing with her, he will not let her go. Her lush curves, inner strength, and unborn young belong to him—wholly and until he takes his final flight.

When others attempt to rip her from his life, he will explain the gravity of their error. Slowly. Painfully. He only hopes he can reach her before they escape.

Part of the "Dragons of Preor" series:


Zadri is book five in the Dragons of Preor series by Celia Kyle.

When Rendan ended I wasn’t sure how the author was going to solve the issue with the pregnant uncurious women and Zadri becoming her mate even after he tore out the throat of her previous possible mate.

I love the Preor dragons and world. This twist was unique and I was curious as to how it would work out. The author surprised me.

Delaney she comes from a twisted and messed up family. She had strength and backbone. She knew what she needed to do to protect her unborn child. As for Zadri well he is orphaned and unwanted. Learning about this other side of Preor was hard, but it helped. I felt sad for Delaney and Zadri was sweet.

The romance built nicely and was very sweet. I liked this couple. I will say their where some predictable moments, but that was ok for me.

Zadri was an enjoyable read in the Dragons of Preor series.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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    • Thank you. It’s an enjoyable series. ^_^

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  3. Awesome review Angela!!! Sounds good and the cover is great too! Shared on my socials!!??

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    • Thank’s Kathy! Glad you enjoyed the review and yes the covers for this series are very nice. Have a great day!