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Hello and Welcome All!

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing K.A. Fox author of The Devil’s Own.

Hi K.A., thank you for agreeing to this interview. 

I’m so excited to be here with you – thank you for having me!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

As for details about me, I grew up all over the world, fell in love with a man who hates to move around and after all these years, we’re still married and have 3 amazing boys who make me laugh every day. I’m also mom to an adorable dog who misses me when I’m gone and is always very excited when I come home. I’m addicted to iced tea and have emergency chocolate stashed in various locations for easy accessibility when needed. 

How do you relax? 

Reading is relaxing for me. Writing is too. And I’m a huge believer in kickboxing workouts. It’s a socially acceptable way to work out my stress and aggression and the endorphins always work. My dog is also very demanding and wants to walk every day. Being outside with him is a wonderful way to wind down from the day. 

What is your favorite vacation destination? 

I had the chance to take my family to Hawaii and show them where I lived when I was younger. We drove all over the island of Oahu and found my old house, my old school and even the library I always rode my bike to. We relaxed on the beach and did an excursion out into the open ocean that let us see the amazing marine life there. We’re also planning a visit to Turkey, which is where I graduated from high school. There is so much history there and I have wonderful memories I want to share with my children. Someday, I’ll also make it to Australia and New Zealand. Both are so beautiful and have been calling to me for years.

What are some books you have enjoyed recently?

I just finished This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and can’t wait to start Our Dark Duet. I’m also reading The Huntress by Kate Quinn, which has completely sucked me in. 

For your writing where do you get your ideas?

I get ideas constantly, usually when I’m driving and not able to write them down. I’ve gotten ideas because of things people have said to me or something I saw in passing. I’ve learned inspiration is everywhere, if we’re paying attention.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

I love everything by Lilith Saintcrow and Kim Harrison. When I was younger, I got hooked on The Shannara series by Terry Brooks and The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. The worlds are so real to me that the second I open their books, it’s like I’ve never left.

The Devil’s Own…..

Please share a few Fun Facts about this book:

My dog is a character in the book, I named a town after a friend of mine, and there’s a very special license plate that appears in honor of my husband’s friend, who passed away shortly before I started writing the first draft.  

Please share the opening lines of this book: 

The red sequins at the top of my corset dug into my pale skin. I silently cursed the sizing guide that had suggested this might actually fit. The horned headband holding back the blonde curls I wore was giving me a headache, and I seriously considered smacking the next guy who grabbed at my tail. But, this was the job and I had to stick it out.

Give us some insight into Delaney Murphy and what she does that is so special

Delaney always tries to do the right thing, even if it’s not necessarily the right thing for her. She’s strong and determined but worries that she isn’t doing enough. She’s learning that strength doesn’t mean you have to be alone. 

Without revealing too much, what is your favorite scene in the book and why?

I have two favorites. The first would be when Delaney meets Moose. The second is when she meets Callum. Both are important to the story but they’re funny too.  

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.



The Devil’s Own
by K.A. Fox
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: April 20th 2019
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Delaney Murphy has always known she’s the Devil’s daughter. And although the title itself is a burden, she never expects to inherit all her father’s infernal abilities. When her newfound magic begins to poison the people closest to her, Laney must make a choice. To protect the world from the worst she can do, she leaves everyone she loves behind and builds a new life for herself, alone, in a place where she can control the urge to give in to the magic living within her.

But when she recognizes a familiar pattern in a string of murders, Laney leaves her peaceful, isolated life behind and goes on the hunt, unleashing a threat she never dreamed possible. Confronting this menacing specter could mean giving in to temptation and becoming the one thing she fears most. Will she use her magic to do the right thing, even if it means hurting the ones she loves?

Purchase: Amazon – Kobo


K.A. Fox is a proud military brat who has lived all over the world but now calls the Midwest home. She uses her psychological training to facilitate successful negotiations at work and to convince her husband and three sons that she’s always right. When not writing, she can usually be found hiding somewhere with a book and a bit of chocolate, or chasing after her own adorable Hell Hound.

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