Review: A Cross to Bear (Gabriella Cross, #1) by M.J. Lovestone (DNF)

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A Cross to Bear Book Cover A Cross to Bear
Gabriella Cross, #1
M.J. Lovestone
Urban Fantasy
Kindle Press
March 22nd 2016
Prime Reading


Gabriella Cross, a magazine reporter living outside of Chicago, is devastated when her sister is found dead. Intent on finding the killer, she follows the trail to billionaire playboy Michael Steele. When she finally confronts the mysterious man, Gabby is plunged into an ancient war between werewolves and vampires. Dark secrets are revealed, and she discovers that she has a unique power, one that has made her a target. Can Gabby embrace her power and bring justice to her sister's killer?


A Cross to Bear is my first taste of M.J. Lovestone. I picked this up on Amazon Prime Reading, so it was free to read, unfortunately this book didn’t work for me. 

This was one messed up story. The writing was not great. This story has cheating, abusive rapist husband, a young silly heroine, and alcohol characters. I only got to Chapter 7 – 15% when I DNF’d this title. 

I picked up A Cross to Bear; because of the title, cover, and free Prime Reading. 

Gabriella Cross aka Gabby is only 25, married to a cheater, YES, he’s cheated before, but no she doesn’t leave him then, and of course he cheats again. When she learns it’s happened again she is heartbroken, crying, and whining all about it and her life. Gabby heads off to her sisters house. Maggy aka the sister is a high-end escort aka hooker. 


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– While she’s their complaining to her sister about her cheating husband a hot naked guy walks out into the kitchen and Gabby can’t take her eyes off him so, when he’s in the bathroom; what does her sister do, she tells her to cheat on her husband; because he’s done it so, you can too. Not cool! 

– Next, the other issue is that their is way to much alcoholic drinking with all the characters. Their was so much drinking within the first chapter and continuing into the six chapter. Can we say; alcoholic’s. 

– Another thing that I had issues with was the scene after her husband gets arrested. Gabby thinks it’s safe to head home and get her things. Well hubby shows up and fighting, yelling, and then him dominating her and rapping his wife happens. 

– Last, the final straw for me was after this ordeal with her hubby, who is not her X yet, she has sex with the naked man she saw in her sisters house, Victor, with out a condom.

To sum up: Gabby is a silly 25 year old, who should have left or never married her hubby. We get cheating on both sides, rape and abuse, and lots and lots of alcoholic drinking in the first 6 chapters. No real plot or storyline. 

A Cross to Bear was not the book for me. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you. 

DNF’d at 15%.

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6 comments on “Review: A Cross to Bear (Gabriella Cross, #1) by M.J. Lovestone (DNF)

  1. Wow. It doesn’t sound anything like the synopsis suggests. Too bad and sorry it let you down.
    Laura Thomas recently posted…Book Blast and Giveaway ~ A Curse Of The Lucky by Nathan WrannMy Profile

    • I agree nothing like it suggested. I was baffled on this one. Not every book can be a winner. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. This sounds like a train wreck to me! Good to know it has so many of the things that turn me off about a book. Thanks for the review!

    • This one was OMG just a train wreck. It had so many things I don’t like to read about and that turn me off a book. Not for me at all.
      Thank’s for visiting!

  3. A bit too much, I can understand that
    Melliane recently posted…Unhuman Light by Chris StoneheartMy Profile

    • The whole story was a wreck and just too much.
      Thank’s for visiting!