Audiobook Review: Dragon Kin Series (Books 1-9) by G.A. Aiken

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The Dragon Kin series is one of my favorites to re-read. I’ve read them several times now, but I finally listened to the audiobooks for the first time. I never get board with the Dragon Kin series and the audiobooks felt like the first time reading. It was a wonderful adventure.

The series starts off with narrator Hollie Jackson and then mid-way through we have a narration change to narrator Morgan Hallett. Now I wasn’t to thrilled with the narration change, but the more I listened the more it grew on me. Now I don’t know why they did this, but where the change comes in, The Dragon Who Loved Me, is also a critical change in the world and characters. Things move from the Royal dragons finding mates to other dragons and family members finding mates plus we get the addition of kids and a few different wars. 

Did I like one narrator better then the other. Yes and No. I felt Hollie Jackson did a wonderful with all the voice’s, but especially with Queen Rihanna’s voice. My main issue was that I came to love and enjoy the voice’s for each character and then we have a change and I have to get use to the new voice’s for old characters. Now both narrators where great and I ended up enjoying both narration styles.

The Dragon Kin series is full of kick-ass women who take no shit from anyone, even their dragon lovers. We are treated to outrageous banter, over the top characters, and dragons who enjoy a strong independent woman. If you love laugh-out-loud humor, sexy arrogant dragons, and quick witted heroines then this series would be for you.


Dragon ActuallyAudio May 2018: I had a fun time with the audio for Dragon Actually. Annwyl and Fearghus are a nice couple. I enjoyed the distinction between romantic love and friendship. See full review here. The male voice’s took some getting use too. I didn’t care for them at first, but the farther along I got the more they grew on me.

About a DragonAudio June 2018: Fun audio. These two fight a lot, but it’s a prequel to their sexy times. I had a lot of fun with this audio and revisiting these dragons and their mates. The narration is done well and the voice’s are all distinctive. If you love crazy, rude, and over the top characters then you will enjoy this series.

What a Dragon Should KnowAudio July 2018: I laughed a lot. Gwenvael & Dagmar are just great together. See full review here. As for the audio well it’s superb. The narrator brings out the characters personalities. This is one of my favorite books in the series. The Gods come out to play and the babies arrive. Lots of fun!

Last Dragon StandingAudio Jan. 2019: Back in 2012 is when I first read this one and I didn’t care for it, but now after listening to the audio I ended up enjoying Last Dragon Standing more. I think I enjoyed it more; because it’s the second time around and because the audio made it that much more enjoyable. I gave this book a 3 Star in 2012, but with the audio I now feel it’s a 4 Star. I also picked up a lot more on the subplot too.

Our lead Keita the Viper is vapid, but it’s all an act. I never liked Keita, but she’s grown on me and the audio helped. Maybe it’s that the humor comes out better in sound as well as the characters personality. Still she’s my least favorite dragon and this is my least favorite book in the series.

Ragnar is a Lightning dragon from the Northern territories and is the leader of his clan. He’s both a warrior, mage, and cunning in his efforts to keep his people secure and safe.

The Dragon Who Loved MeAudio Jan. 2019: My love for the Dragon Kin series started with this book, The Dragon Who Loved Me. I didn’t know when I picked up this book back in 2012 that it was the 5th book in the series. This novel made me fall in love with the series and deiced to read from book 1 to the end, and I did.

Here is where the narration change comes in from Hollie Jackson to Morgan Hallett. I wasn’t found of this change, but eventually I got use to it. It took time for me to get into Morgan Hallett’s narration and the voice’s for all the old characters. Thou in this one we meet a bunch of new dragons. I really loved this book all over again. We get a war that is on going, we see that years have pasted, and that their are now children from human and dragon mating or not matings. It’s a turning point in the series and a new direction. As always the humor is great and I feel it comes across so much better in audio then reading, but both options are great.

How to Drive a Dragon CrazyAudio Jan. 2019: This one features Izzy and the youngest dragon prince Eibhear. We see that Izzy’s got a thing for Eibhear throughout the series, but he feels she’s to young and never pursues her. An iccendent happens and they go their separate ways.

Now 10 Years have passed and the time away from each other has made them different people. Izzy is now General of Annwyl’s army and Eibhear is now Mi-runach.

Eibhear has some groveling to do and Izzy makes him. They fight, but also when they need to they work together. It’s not an epic romance because quite a lot happens outside of the romance as well. Their romance has been building throughout this series and now they finally get their time. We are also treated to all the major characters and new characters are introduced as well.

I loved it all over again and the audio was fantastic to listen too.

Light My FireAudio Jan. 2019: I enjoyed the audio. I like the characters and how they just say what they mean, no beating around the bush. Their are several funny conversations and the narration was good. I’m getting use to the change in narrator for this series. See full review here.

Feel the BurnAudio March 2019: This is my favorite audio in the series. Everything is changing. Their are a lot of different voice’s, male and female, that this narrator has to do and she nailed it. I laughed, a lot! Great audio. Highly recommend series to read or listen. See full review here.

Bring the HeatAudio April 2019: Oh the joy’s of returning to the Dragon Kin series. I love these hilarious bloodthirsty dragons who are fiercely loyal and have unconditional love. The audio was enjoyable and a delight. As always the banter comes across so well in audio. We are treated to a sweet romance, another war and it’s politics that go along with it, and the roles of each character that help to end this war. See full review here.

Lets not forget the Novellas in this series.
Their are few in audio that you can also pick up.

A Tale of Two DragonsAudio March 2019: I had a blast listening to A Tale of Two Dragons. I love this series. The narration was wonderful. Highly Recommended!

A Tale Of Two Dragons was so much fun. I loved learning about the aunts and uncles of the Dragon Kin family. It is great to see how they become mated.

This story is about Addolgar the Cheerful, Bercelak’s elder brother and Braith of the Darkness. It’s filled with action, danger, and smoking hot romance. In true Aiken fashion, the storyline is awash in humor, sarcasm, witty rhetoric and the distinctive voice of the Cadwaladr Clan.

I will never get enough of this series. I love learning about the Cadwaladr Clan. If you are looking for a Dragon series I recommend trying this one out. Aiken knows how to keep her readers entertained. See full review here.

Everlasting Bad Boys which has the novella Can’t Get Enough by Shelly Laurentston. This title also has novellas from Cynthia Eden and Noelle Mack. I haven’t listened to the audio yet, but it’s on my to do list. See my book review here.

Dragon on Top which currently isn’t in audio. I wish it was. I’d love to have it. 



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