Review: Mikolaus (Seduced by the Galdiators #1) by Margo Bond Collins

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Mikolaus Book Cover Mikolaus
Seduced by the Galdiators #1
Margo Bond Collins
Science Fiction Romance
Bathory Gate Press
June 22, 2017


They’ll change her life. She’ll change their world.

The days of pitched battles to win the hand of one of Lurra’s very few women may be over, but as the top fighters in the ceremonial, gladiator-style games, Mikolaus always assumed that he and his triad—including his triad-brothers Domiku and Luken—would settle down with a traditional Lurran girl.

Until the day he meets Hannah.

She’s eager enough to learn about Lurra, but despite her attraction to the culture and Mikolaus, he’s not sure he can get her to reconcile her Earth-2 upbringing with Lurra’s strict ideas about marriage.

Not alone, anyway.

Maybe together, his triad can convince her that marriage should be between one woman … and three men.

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Mikolaus is book one in the Seduced by the Gladiators by Margo Bond Collins. This is more a serial then a series.

In a far off future earth sent out colonists to distant worlds. Over time they lost contact with some of these colonies. Now contact has been reestablished with Lurra. On Earth 1 everything is just plan and you have your roles. On Earth 2 we have a society that is gladiator style with women as the leaders. They where delta a devastating blow and to survive they set up a system of triads, three men to one woman. It’s interesting and intriguing this new society and structure.

Not everyone fits into this social structure and they are considered outcasts. There is enough of a suspense plot to keep your attention; besides the building romance.

In this story we get one of the three males our lead heroine, Hannah, is thinking of bonding with. Mikolaus and Hannah are appealing and the sexy bits are exciting. The whole plot revolves around Hannah being attracted to and getting it on with Mikolaus and his triad brothers. The story ends abruptly when Hannah is introduced to the other two brothers in the triad. It looks like each book represents one of the three males Hannah is to commit too.

We are left hanging on what is going to go on with the outcasts and no explanation as to why or how the earths lost communication between each other.

Mikolaus was enjoyable. Not sure if I’ll read on. I did liked it, but it lacked in areas.

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. enjoyed the honest review and sorry it lacked that certain something that makes you want to read more. better luck with the next book
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