Review: Dragon Fire (Vale of Stars #3) by Juliette Cross

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Dragon Fire Book Cover Dragon Fire
Vale of Stars #3
Juliette Cross
Paranormal Romance - Adult
April 30th 2019


Wounded, with a target still on his back, Kieren Moonring has been hiding in the last place his Morgon enemies might find him. In the human convent on the southern shores of Primus, his body heals quickly, but his soul is broken.

While Sister Liana tends to the recovering Morgon man hiding in their convent, she can't stop or disguise her growing attraction. What disturbs her more is that he begins to uncover her past that is best kept buried.

Kieren fears his old enemies will find him, and then Liana. When his greatest fear comes true and she becomes their next mark...bloody hell, if he won’t murder the whole world to keep her safe.


Dragon Fire is book three of the Vale of Stars series by Juliette Cross. This novel is hauntingly beautiful. The romance is sweet and builds over time.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new book in the Vale of Stars series, but Juliette Cross managed to take us right back to the world of these amazing half human, half dragon beings called Morgons. I love Cross’s Morgans and I get so excited for each new installment that comes out. 

Kieran was wounded in Waking the Dragon while protecting and saving Kol’s mate from one of the Larkos dragons. He’s sent off to the a human convent to heal, recuperate, and hide from the Larkos hunting him. 

Liana is a Sister at the convent and has been living as a Sister of Saint Portia for six years. She’s adjusted and accepted this life until Kieran comes to the convent. Then all she can think about his him and life outside.

The romance is a nice slow burn. Kieran knows what Liana is to him, but he’s decided that he won’t be the reason she forsakes her vows as a Sister. Their’s more to Liana, her history, and why she’s a Sister. We soon learn her past as events unfold and both, Kieran and Liana’s, futures change. 

As the story progress things are drawing closer to war. We’re treated to brutal fight scenes between good and evil, love and hate. The author keeps us on the edge of our seats and entranced up to the last page. 

Dragon Fire is full of action and passion. I can’t wait for the next installment. 

** Trigger Warning: I wanted to put out their that this novel might have some triggers. We have one chapter near the begging that showcase a scene of rape and abuse. (I cringed while reading.) In this scene it’s The Larkos Army, our bad Morgans, doing what they do; enslaving the week, capturing human women, and working towards the goal of ruling the world. 

Rated: 5 Stars

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2 comments on “Review: Dragon Fire (Vale of Stars #3) by Juliette Cross

  1. I’ve not tried this author and can handle the triggers. They sound well done. Great review!

    • Some people like to know about triggers. I’ve started her Morgan’s from the day one and know how the bad Morgan’s are, so when we get some hard scenes I cringe, but they fit and help the story along. I suggest starting with her Nighwing series then moving into the Vale of Stars.