Review: Murder in the Mix Boxed Set (Murder in the Mix, #1-3) by Addison Moore

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Murder in the Mix Boxed Set Book Cover Murder in the Mix Boxed Set
Murder in the Mix, #1-3
Addison Moore
Cozy Mystery
Hollis Thatcher Press, LTD.
May 24th 2019


A baker who sees the dead. One too many suitors.
And a killer. Living in Honey Hollow can be murder.
Murder in the Mix Books 1-3
Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies (Murder in the Mix 1)
Bobbing for Bodies (Murder in the Mix 2)
Pumpkin Spice Sacrifice (Murder in the Mix 3)

A HILARIOUS cozy mystery from the New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore

My name is Lottie Lemon and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety, aka dead pets.

And for some reason those sweet, fluffy albeit paranormal cuties always seem to act as a not-so-great harbinger of deadly things to come for their previous owner. So when I saw that sweet orange tabby twirling around my landlord’s ankles, I figured Merilee was in for trouble. Personally, I was hoping for a skinned knee—what I got was a top spot in an open homicide investigation. Throw in a hot judge and an ornery detective that oozes testosterone and that pretty much sums up my life right about now. Have I mentioned how cute that detective is?

Lottie Lemon has a bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors and she has the supernatural ability to see dead pets—which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in the occasional ghost of the human variety, a string of murders and her insatiable thirst for justice and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

Living in the small town of Honey Hollow can be murder.


Here we have the first 3 books in the Murder in the Mix series by Addison Moore. I had picked up book 1 for free and wanted to try out more in the series. When the box set was on sale I grabbed it.

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Here is what I thought on each book in the set:

Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies is book one in the Murder in the Mix series by Addison Moore. It’s a cute fun cozy mystery. It’s half romance, half murder mystery, with a dab of paranormal.

This is my first experience with Addison Moore. I grabbed this book; because it was free, the cover was attractive, and I liked that our lead Lottie can see dead pets. A little paranormal in my cozy mysteries is always something I enjoy.

The writing was good. The author is very descriptive and at times that became to much. Some of the sentences ended up being long and that distracted me a little.

As for our lead Lottie Lemon, that name LOL, can see dead pets; which are harbingers for ominous things to come. I enjoyed Lottie. She’s funny, quirky, and the paranormal twist on her seeing dead pets was a fun added bonus. The only down side to Lottie was that every man she runs into she goes off in her head on how cute or sexy they are. That type of thinking takes away from the story and can be too much, at least for me.

I did enjoy the secondary characters. Getting to know her friends and the other citizens of Honey Hollow.

The mystery was well done. It had enough clues and suspects to consider. There were a few twists and turns and the ending was a surprise.

Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies was a cute fun cozy mystery read. I enjoyed it and plan to pick up the next book.

Rated: 3 Stars


Bobbing for Bodies is book two in the Murder in the Mix series by Addison Moore.

It’s the grand opening of Lottie Lemon’s bakery, she’s dating Noah, her mom has a boyfriend, and her friend Hunter is found dead behind her bakery.

In this novel we see how insecure Lottie is in her relationship with Noah. The romance and romance issues are more front and center then the mystery. We do do some sleuthing around with Lottie and it was surprising some of the secrets we learn about Hunter, but the romance was out their more then the mystery. I prefer it to be the other way around in my cozy mysteries.

Lottie still hasn’t told Noah her secret. On the other hand we do spend a lot of time with Everette, Noah’s step-brother. He has a way of getting people to tell them his secrets and he has figured out Lottie’s. I liked spending time with Everette, but I was unsure if they were going to have a thing or if it was a friend thing. It almost felt like we might get a love-triangle and I’m glad we don’t. I don’t like triangles.

We also see more of her mom who now has a boyfriend after years of just dating and not being serious about a relationship. And, of course she’s concerned that the new guy isn’t what he seems.

All and all Bobbing for Bodies was an ok cozy mystery.

Rated: 3 Stars


Pumpkin Spice Sacrifice is book three in the Murder in the Mix series by Addison Moore.

To start Chapter 1 is a repeat of who Lottie Lemon is, what she can do, who her friends and family are and last who her boyfriend is. It’s nothing new. If you haven’t read the series then you know what’s what at the start, but for those that have read in order it’s just a repeat of information we already know about. It felt redundant.

As for the murder mystery it wasn’t in the forefront. And, what Lottie does to get answers in solving the mystery like going to The Jungle Club, you can guess what that is, and a nude swim class well let me just say the areas aren’t something Lottie would go to, so it was out of character. I just shook my head at what she was willing to do to get answers. It was all to far-fetched to me.

Then we have her friends, family, and boyfriend that keep telling her over and over to stay out of the investigation. She says she will, but she doesn’t. Now I get that we don’t have a story without her getting involved, but something about her, her profession, and her breaking her promises make me wonder. Her character just doesn’t make scenes to get involved in mysteries.

Then their is the drama with her boyfriend Noah. She likes him, but she’s unsure. She’s keeping secrets from him. She plans to to tell him, but their ends up being to many disagreements or miss understandings. I just didn’t care for all the drama. Either they are together and trust each other or they are not together.

Last, Lottie is a baker and runs a bakery, but I don’t know how she makes any money when she keeps giving all her baked goodies away for free.

On a positive note: I like the revamp in the covers for this series. It’s better then the first publication and very cute. I like Edward, Noah’s brother, and I like Lottie’s friends.

Pumpkin Spice Sacrifice was ok. As for the Murder in the Mix series it has some interesting concepts and nice characters, but it’s just to working out for me. I gave the series a three book try, but I won’t be continuing. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you.

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. I’m always looking for a new cozy to try, but this one doesn’t sound like a great it. Thanks for your reviews!
    Jen recently posted…Blog Tour + Giveaway: Anyone But You by Brien MichaelsMy Profile

    • Your welcome! I was hoping for a fun cozy paranormal mystery, but this series just didn’t capture me and to much drama. Thank’s for stopping by.

  2. I also have the first one as a freebie. I like small town and baking and mysteries but some cozies have too much quirky drama for me. But I’ll probably try the first one since I have it a freebie. Lovely review!
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…Thrifty Thursday – The Last Necromancer by CJ ArcherMy Profile

    • Thank you. I agree I like al the things you said, but the drama is a bit to much in this series for me to really get into it. I hope you enjoy and thank’s for sharing!

  3. I only tried book one and it was nice but not my fave cozy book. I rated it a bit like you
    Melliane recently posted…Between Jobs by W.R. GingellMy Profile

    • Ya, I wasn’t won over by book 3. It was nice, but not something that caught me. Thank’s for visiting!

  4. i love book sets for that very reason. glad it was worth it and you enjoyed them all
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    • They were nice, but not something that caught me and said ya, I need to read on. Thank’s for visiting!