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WOW!  It’s that time of year.  Time to do my Top 10 lists.  Umm well today is Top 10 Book Characters of 2019.  I seam to have the same favorite characters each year, so instead I’m doing my Top 10 New To Me Authors that I tried out in 2019. I really enjoyed these new series/authors and recommend giving them a try.  In no particular order my favorite New To Me Authors.


Annette Marie author of the The Guild Codex: Spellbound series. I listened to book one and fell in love with the world and characters. It’s a fun urban fantasy and I plan to listen to the others in the series. 


Anna Hackett author of Galactic Gladiators, Galactic Gladiators; House Of Rone, Eon Warriors, & Hell Squad series. For a few years now I’ve seen this author around and read some fabulous reviews and kept saying I’m going to try well I tried them all out this year and devoured them one book after another. I can’t get enough! If you love sci-fi romance, I highly recommend this author and these series. 


Nancey Cummings author of Celestial Mates; Tail and Claw series. I’ve read two books by this author in the Celestial Mates series and I really like her aliens and how relatable they are. I like that the storyline isn’t insta-love, that the characters have to talk and interact in everyday life together, and work out any misunderstandings etc… 


Andie M. Long author of Supernatural Dating Agency series. I had a blast with the first book in this series and plan to read on. It’s hilarious with lots of laugh out loud moments and cute. 


Nancy Warren author of Vampire Knitting Club series. I’ve read several books in this series though I’m not caught up yet, but each book is light, easy, and fun to read. Each book is a cozy mystery with magic, vampires who knit, and more. Who doesn’t find Vampire’s who knit fun and intriguing?


Linsey Hall author of Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress series. Now I’ve only read book one, but plan to read the next. I enjoy dragons and found the mystery behind our lead heroine and what she can do interesting. She has to hide her magic. The world building is nice and we have some great action. 


Diana Pharaoh Francis author of Diamond City Magic series. I listened to the first book Trace of Magic and went out and bought book 2 in audio. I was sucked into the world, and characters. It’s got action, it’s got mystery,  and it’s got magic. 


Delores Fossen author of Wrangler’s Creek series.  I find that I enjoy contemporary romances, western romance, or romantic suspense better in audio. Fossen’s been on my want to try list some time. Her cowboy’s were enjoyable! I’ve been borrowing the Wrangler’s Creek series from my library. Now book one was ok, but book two hooked me and I plan to try more of her work.


Katie Ruggle author of Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series. Romantic suspense always enjoyable. I listened to the whole series and plan to try other works by Ruggle. Book one in the series was ok, but then I hit book two and became hooked. I had a great time getting to know the police offers in the town of Monroe and their K9 partners. The series has an HEA for each book, but also a sub-plot that plays out in each and raps up on the fourth and final book. 

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12 comments on “#Top10of2019 – Top 10 New To Me of 2019

  1. The Guild Codex was a new one for me this year and I loved it. I just got the audio for the next series. Demons I think it is. Annette Marie seems to put out her books fast so it may be hard for me to keep up!

    • I’ve only listened to book one. I did buy book 2 in audio, but haven’t yet. I know what you mean her books are coming out fast. ^_^

  2. I have enjoyed your reviews of The Guild Codex: Spellbound series…. I need to try this one! Thanks for sharing your list!

    • Thank’s for visiting!

  3. Thank you so much! xoxo

    • Your welcome! It’s always fun to find new authors to enjoy. Thank you for visiting!

  4. These all look so great here darling. Delores Fossen I have been wanting to pick her up.

    • I’ve been enjoying the audiobooks for Fossen’s books. Thank’s for visiting!

  5. Some nice ones there! I loved Annette Marie series

    • I really enjoyed book one and plan to continue The Guild Codex: Spellbound series.

  6. Oh cool! I love Katie Ruggle books so I’m jazzed to see her books made your list. You’ve got four up there that are still on my need to try list so it’s great knowing you loved their books/series.

    • I don’t do much contemporary, but I’ve found I enjoy the audios. Things move along when I listen. As for Ruggle I really enjoyed her work and plan to try out others she has written. Thank’s for visiting!