Celebrating 6 Year Blogaversary + #Giveaway

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Today is the blogs 6 year anniversary.  It’s been a lot of fun with many ups and downs.  I’ve learned a lot, had the pleasure of sharing my experiences with you all, and got to enjoy many wonderful novels.


I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and I hope you will continue to stick around, share another year of experiences and fabulous book related content.


Winners choice: 1 Month Audible Membership (worth $15) or a Book up to $15. I’ll do physical or eCopy. USA winner can pick a books from Amazon & International winner can pick books from the BookDepository as long as they ship their for free (find that out here!).  The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.

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I'm an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, animal & book lover. I'm the owner, reviewer & mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy & my favorite shifters are dragons.

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  1. Follow almost all ways — love the blog

    • Thank you for following the blog on all its social media platforms. Glad you like the blog.
      Have a wonderful day and good luck in the giveaway!

  2. Happy Blogaversary! I love reading your reviews! Your blog is one of my favorites, and also one of the blogs I’ve followed the longest! Thanks for the giveaway! ❤

    • It’s so nice to hear that you have been with me a long time and that you like the blog. Thank you Desiree for following.

  3. The page is easy to navigate & love all the info!

    • Deana,
      Glad to hear the page is easy to navigate. I’ve visited lots of blogs and those that make it easy to find things and navigate are the ones I like and follow. It’s so frustrating when you can get around on a blog. Thank you for visiting and good luck in the giveaway!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway, and happy blogiversary (sorry, I prefer that spelling). I have been following your blog through twitter, because I love discovering books through social media.
    My 10th blogiversary is coming up in September

    • Emma Thank You for following on twitter. That’s great you will be celebrating 10 years in September. Have a great day!

  5. I like to read and your blog is a good blog to find new books to read!

    • I’m happy I can help you find new books to enjoy. Thank you for visiting and good luck in the giveaway!

  6. I love the blog. I’ve been following for a while. I like to read the reviews to get ideas for my TBR list.

    • I’m happy to help you find new books to enjoy and add to your TBR. Thank you for visiting!

  7. Happy Blogoversary! I love the reviews and the giveaways and the little cartoon balloons and other things that are falling on the page!

    • Thank you Mafalda. I’m glad you like the blog and the fun things that fall on the blog. I happy that I can help you find new books. Thank’s for visiting!

  8. Happy Blogoversary! I love reading your reviews. Cheers to more years. 🙂

    • Glad to know you enjoy the reviews featured on the blog, Cali. Thank you for following!

  9. Congrats on the anniversary. Thanks for all the giveaways. Here’s to another year!

    • Thank You Sandy!

  10. Congrats!!! Very cool all around.

    • Thank You!

  11. Congratulations on six years of blogging!!! Thanks for running the Library Love Challenge—that was a highlight of my year last year!

    • You are welcome for the Library Love Challenge. It’s a fun one and I’m glad I can host it along with the help from my co-host. Thank you for following and visiting. Have a great evening!

  12. Happy Blogoversary!! I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog 🙂

    • Thank you Adik! Have a great day.

  13. CONGRATS!! What a great ride it’s been. I’m looking forward to another year of fun with you!

    • Thank You Jen! It’s been interesting, fun, stressful, and enjoyable. The blog turned out to be bigger than expected. Have a great week!

  14. Happy blogoversary! 6 years is quite the accomplishment!

    • Thank You!

  15. I love the blog so much and I’m so happy for your blogoversary. Congrats! 🙂

    • Thank you Megan!

  16. Wahoo!! congrats on 6 years my friend! *throws confetti *? ?

    • ? Thank You Kimberly! I’ve been some wonderful book lovers over the years.
      Have a outstanding week and happy reading!

  17. Happy blogoversary and wishing you many more amazing to come!!
    I’m here for reviews and discussions, always find something new and interesting.

    • Thank you Sandra for following and sharing why you follow.
      Have a great evening!

  18. Love your blog and the giveaways! Happy Blogaversary!

    • Thank You Melanie!

  19. Congrats! I like discovering new books… and the giveaways!

    • Silver – Thank you for following. I’m glad to help you discover new books to enjoy.
      Have a wonderful day!

  20. Congrats on 6 great years. I enjoy your reviews and the overall blog itself. Nothing boring here. Always filled with good reviews posts and hope the next 6 years are just as great. Appreciate all the time & work you put into this blog.

    • Carol – Glad you enjoy the blog and what is featured. Have a wonderful day!

  21. I love the blog. I do not have a lot of time to read so when I do I hate wasting my time. I love to know which books are best.

    • Glad I can help you spend your time reading and not wasted on something you may not like. Thank you Seyma for following. Have a great day!

  22. I love the blog. I love reading the reviews.

    • Glad to hear that you enjoy the reviews. Thank you Sherry for following.
      Have a great day!

  23. Congratulations on your 6 year Blogaversary! I love all your reviews!

    • Thank you, Maria!

  24. Congratulations. I love reading your blog.

    • Thank You, Ellen!

  25. Congrats, it is a huge achievement! I always look forward to your blog, like the authors and giveaways you feature.

    • Thank you Leonie. Glad to have you follow and that you enjoy what is featured.
      Have a great day and happy reading!

  26. I love this blog because I am introduced to so many new books and authors. Also, the giveaways rock!

    • ? Jeanna so glad to hear you are introduced to new books an authors. I like helping fellow book lovers find something new. Thank you for following.
      Have a wonderful day and happy reading! ?

  27. I love to read and enjoy your blog because I like discovering new books and entering giveaways to get more books. Congrats on 6 years!

    • Jennifer,
      Thank you for following. I like to know that I’m helping a fellow book lover find something new to enjoy and yes, giveaways we all love them ?.
      Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

  28. Congrats on your 6 year Blogaversary! I follow your blog because I enjoy finding new authors, reading your reviews, and entering the giveaways.

    • BookLady,
      I’m glad to know you enjoy the reviews and authors featured. I like helping a fellow book lover find something new and as for giveaways, well we all love those ?. Thank you for following!
      Have a great week, happy new year, and happy reading!

  29. First, CONGRATS! *Bakes a cake and sings for you*
    I enjoy following your blog for a number of reasons. Your love for books and reading really shines through, above all else! …And I think that this next point is somewhat related: While I enjoy the giveaways that you offer, I can see that this is not the primary focus of your blog— or, the reason why you are here. This is something that I truly appreciate! Your love of what you do is contagious, and I thank you for that. 🙂

    • WOW Ann! Such nice words and thank you. I appreciate that you follow and enjoy the content. You are correct in that my primary focus was never the giveaways, it was the books and my love for them. Thank you! Have a wonderful evening and Happy Reading!

  30. Happy Anniversary!!! 🙂 xo
    Great content, awesome giveaways, great desing too.

    • Thank You Mood Reader.
      I’m happy to hear you like the design of the sight, content shown, and giveaways (who doesn’t like a good giveaway ^_^). Thank’s for following and have a great weekend.

  31. Happy Anniversary! I appreciate all that you do and I enjoy reading about new books and having fun with the giveaways on your blog 🙂

    • Amy – Thank you for following. I’m glad to know that you enjoy the content and giveaways.
      Have a great weekend, happy new year, and happy reading!

  32. Happy Blogaversary!

    • Thank you!

  33. I follow because I’m interested in fantasy books! Congratulations on the blogaversary!

    • Glad always help a fellow fantasy lover find something new to enjoy. Thank’s for following John.
      Have a great weekend!

  34. Happy 6 yrs! I follow because we have a lot of common tastes in reads.

    • That we do Tanya, that we do. I love to see what you think on books I’ve read or what you are enjoying. Like now you are finally reading the Dragon Kin series by G.A. Aiken. That’s one of my favorites to enjoy! ^_^ Have a great weekend and thank you for following.

  35. Congrats on 6 years – here’s to many more!

    • Thank you Amanda!

  36. I’ve been happily reading the Blog for a few years now, found you through a Blog Hop Contest and stayed. I like your reviews and the range of books and look forward to the daily newsletter.

    • Irene – I’m glad to hear you like the newsletter. I was a bit scared when I first put it together. I had no idea what I was doing, but I made sure to offer options for those that don’t like a lot of emails. It’s also nice to find out you found me through a hop and deiced to stay. Thank you for being a follower. Hope you continue to enjoy the content. Happy Reading!

  37. Happy Blogaversary. I follow for the great content. There’s something new happening here everyday. Thanks!

    • Carl – I’m glad to hear you follow and that you enjoy the content. Thank you!
      Have a wonderful weekend and happy new year!

  38. Happy New Year Angela & congrats on 6 years! I know no matter how fed up I’m feeling, there’s always going to be your daily email to look forward to & new authors/genres to explore. Thank you x

    • Kate – I’m happy I can brighten your day when your feeling down. Life needs a little sunshine in it and sometimes that comes from books and those that love them. Glad to know you enjoy the daily email and what is featured on the blog. Happy New Year, have a great weekend, and Happy Reading! ?

      • Thank you, Angela, for those sweet words! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and, yes, Happy Reading!

  39. Happy anniversary Angela!!! I love your blog for many reasons. One you do a lot of paranormal which is my fave genre,two you don’t trash books even when they might not have been the best and try to find the good about them. Three I love the pic’s of family and library hauls you do!!! always well layed out beautifully too!! Here’s to many more years!! ?????

    • Kat,
      I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the blog, pictures, and library love. With book review’s many ppl trash books in a way that’s not nice and I don’t like to read those reviews, so I make sure to point things out in a way that’s not bad and at least say something nice about the book. You don’t have to be mean when you don’t like the book. Thank you for your lovely words and for following. ?
      Happy New Year, have a fabulous weekend, and Happy Reading!

  40. Congrats! Happy Blogaversary. You’ve built something special here.

    • Thank you Anne. – It’s become something much bigger then I expected when I started 6 years ago. This blog was just to showcase my reviews, but ended up feature lots of things. I never expected to have such a full calendar, meet so many other wonderful lovers of books, and take over a fabulous Challenge “Library Love”. BTW thank’s for co-hosting the challenge with me this year. I’m very happy to have another lover of libraries help out. Have a fabulous weekend, happy new year, and happy reading!

  41. I follow because you always share about a wide variety of books, join a lot of cool hops, and have a nice website.

    • Jayne,
      I’m glad to have you as a follower. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for those that visit. I’m also happy to hear you like the books featured, cool hops (who doesn’t like a good giveaway ^_^) and that the website is clean, easy to use, and appealing to you.
      Thank You. Have a wonderful weekend, happy new year, and happy reading!

  42. Happy Blogaversary! Love the giveaways.
    Happy New Year!

    • I think everyone loves giveaways, I know I do ^_^. Rita thank you for visiting and following.
      Have a fabulous weekend and happy reading!

  43. Happy Blogiversary. I have followed for a years. I learn so much about books and things related.

    • Trudy – Thank you for following me and being with for many years. I’m glad I can help you find new books and authors to enjoy. Happy New Year and have a wonderful weekend!

  44. Happy 6 years! Congratulations on all of your hard work bringing everything bookish to your followers. Cheers to many more years!

    • Thank you Danielle!
      Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year.

  45. Happy blogoversary! Like the blog layout and content

    • Thank You BN100!
      Happy New Year and have a great weekend!

  46. Six year is a great feat for keeping a blog running especially with your busy real life. Way to go, Angel! I think I started following only three years ago when I joined your Library Love challenge.
    Wishing you many more wonderful years on the blog. 🙂

    • I’m happy you enjoy the Library Love Challenge. It’s one I’m passionate about and glad I could take it over when the previous host stoped hosting. I’m also happy to have you as a follower.
      Have a fabulous week and happy reading!

  47. I visit your blog everyday, been around for a year or 3.. I enjoy all your reviews. It’s great. I have over 3k in tbr LOL

    • WOW 3k on the TBR that’s a lot and I’m sure I helped to add to that ?. Thank’s for being a follower for so long. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

  48. Wow, that’s fabulous. Congratulations! Here’s to many more. 🙂

    • Thank You! ?

  49. I think your blog is great.

    • Thank you!

  50. First of all happy blogiversary. I love the layout and the colours of your blog.

    • Thank You, Nadene. Glad to hear what you like about the blog. Have a great week and happy reading!

  51. Happy Blogiversary!!! I love your blog! You share sweet book news, giveaways and awesome books! Wishing you 6 more years!

    • Thank You. Have a fabulous week and happy reading!

  52. Congrats on 6 years! Here’s to many more!

    • Thank You! Have a great week and happy reading!

  53. Congratulations on 6 years!! I enjoy reading your blog!

    • Lori, Thank You for following. I’m glad to have you and hope you continue to enjoy the blog and all it’s content. Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

  54. We tend to read some of the same books. I mostly read PNR these days and I like to see what others are thinking of the same kinds of books that I read. I like your reviews and giveaways. Happy blogoversary! 6 years is awesome!

    • Thank you Mary.
      I’m glad to have you as a follower. I’m the same way as you in that I like to see what others that like what I read are thinking on the same books I’ve read or just what they are interested in these days. As you know I’m mostly PNR and UF, but over the years I’ve tried some other genres, but the paranormal element is my main focus.
      Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

  55. We read similar books even though I have found some new authors from your posts. Your site is always neat. Emails are not overwhelming. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Tammy.
      I’m glad to have you as a follower and that you find the blog neat and that I’ve introduced you to some new authors/books. I didn’t have any goals when I started the blog, but I did have some ideas on how I wanted it to work. I follow a lot of blogs myself and some are neat and others it’s just too hard to navigate or find things. I wanted this blog to be easy to navigate and find what you are interested in. As for emails well that was scary at first. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I did find what I liked in other author and blogger emails, so I made them short and sweet.
      Have a great day and happy reading!