Guest Post: A Closer Look At The Characters From The Last Atlantian (Mikki Noble) ~ #BookTour #YoungAdult

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A Closer Look At The Characters From The Last Atlantian

Honestly, I don’t think there was a single character in this book that I didn’t love to write. This was a fun project that I hope everyone enjoys.

Spencer Kara is the main character, who turns seventeen on the day she turns a coffee patron into a gold statue. She’s a bit selfish, hard-working, caring, loyal and intelligent. Even when her world turns completely upside down and everything she’s ever known is revealed as a big lie she pays attention and listens, and mostly stays calm.

Elijah “Eli” Kitsopolous is a son from two worlds, neither of which he really knows. He learns who he really is throughout the novel. His mother left when he was younger and he was never close with his father, but after his father found out that Eli was in contact with his grandfather, he became downright angry toward his son, even going so far as to cut him off.

Natalla is one of my personal favorites. She is a character with so much to say. She’s been through so much in her long life and the book only scratches the surface of who she really is and what she’s all about.

Cia is the fun, boy-crazy best friend who seems not to care sometimes, but she is that type of friend that will be there no matter what you need and what time you call. If there does end up being a second book, I would love to explore her character a little more in depth.

There is so much more to Vincent that I wasn’t able to explore in this book. He seems like such a calm character, but he is that type of character you know has some kind of history that makes him who he is and you really want to know but he keeps his feelings bottled up inside.

Spencer’s parents had two girls, one seemingly selfish and intelligent, the other caring and sweet. We don’t see them too much in this book, but I have a soft spot in my heart for them because they raised such a great character.

Scarlett has a lot of growing up to do, but she reads an awful lot so she’s intelligent. She and her sister do not seem to get along. I’d like to explore that relationship a little bit more to find out why.

And those are the main characters in The Last Atlantian. Thanks for reading. Hope you like them all as much as I do.


The Last Atlantian
by Mikki Noble
Publication date: December 13th 2019
Genres: Mythology, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Spencer did not plan to work on her birthday. She didn’t plan a lot of things, but they happened anyway. Like, when she touched a guy and he turned into a gold statue, or when some stranger appeared to tell her she was in danger. She didn’t plan to see her life forever changed by one simple act, and it still happened anyway.

What Spencer doesn’t know is why. Why is all this happening to her? Why does she have the power to turn people into gold all of a sudden. Who is she really?

And why is this cute guy calling her the last Atlantian?



[su_note note_color=”#eceaed” text_color=”#000000″]As far back as she can remember, Mikki was creating characters and stories in her head. It wasn’t until fate brushed the tip of its wings over her eyes that she began to see that writing was what she was born to do. She loves animals, reading, everything supernatural related, and enjoys spending her free time on social media whenever she can.

Author links: WebsiteGoodreadsFacebookTwitterInstagram[/su_note]


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