Review: Caveman Aliens Series (Book 1 – 6) by Calista Skye

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This is a combined review for Books 1 through 6 in the Caveman Aliens series by Calista Skye

Someone suggested I give this series a try. It’s on Kindle Unlimited and since I had a free subscription at the time I gave it a go. It wasn’t bad. It’s a silly alien sci-fi romance that you can read in a day. Not much plot or substance to it. Sometimes you just need something silly and with no substance to read.

The books are an alien abduction survival type read. The books are all a little bit silly. They are slow moving in parts and a bit choppy.

The concept of the Jurassic planet was interesting. It’s a planet with dinosaurs, weird bugs, plants, and Caveman. Their are no women on this planet.

When the series starts we meet several different women who are all College age students working on a project when some aliens come to earth and kidnapped women only. Those aliens that kidnapped the women end up crash landing on this Jurassic plant. The women are trying their best to survive on this Jurassic planet and soon learn they aren’t alone.

The romance in each book is very quick. Each women ends up being kidnapped by a different kind of Caveman. They pretty much fall fast and the sex is hot and primal. These Caveman end up take the women back to their tribes and we soon learn that not all the men in the tribes are good. Most of the men want to capture and force the women into being breeders aka sex slaves or the Caveman want to kill them to complete this prophecy to bring back The Women.

As the series goes on we learn their is a small underline plot on how these Caveman came to be on this Jurassic planet and what their purpose is or was.

In book five we get a brief recap of what has happened so far. This is where we learn about the underlining plot and find more women are alive and have been trapped on this star shaped land island due to a Dragon like creature.

In book six we learn why and how the Caveman came to be on this plant and their weird belief system. I didn’t care for book six. This is where I became all Caveman’d out. The issue I had with, six, was how slutty Delyah became. I get the weird water makes them lower their inhibitions, but this was over the top.

One thing that really frustrated me in this series was that each women even after they found their Caveman lover they still think they can get home. After 10 months wouldn’t it come to your mind that you aren’t getting home. Even if you do find another spaceship… How are you going to fly it?

As far as things go. The Caveman Aliens series was just ok.

Rated: 3/2 Stars

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8 comments on “Review: Caveman Aliens Series (Book 1 – 6) by Calista Skye

  1. Good to know. Wonderful review! I don’t think I would read these though. I have so many things I want to read already.

    • Thank you! These weren’t great, but enjoyable enough. With everything out their to read I kinda wish I’d had someone I trusted review them, so I could have had more of an idea of what was in-store. I might have avoided them with that help or maybe not. I know I wouldn’t buy them that’s for sure, but with KU they gave me the opportunity to try them out. Now I know and I won’t be reading anymore in this series.

  2. I agree. Once in a while you just need something silly and spicy and alien. 🙂 Bummer about book six pushing it just that step too far.

    • Ya, I was enjoying the silly, spicy, aliens until book 6 and then it lost me. They are fun to read on KU, but not something I’d buy. Thank’s for visiting!

  3. oh man…just okay. this sounded so promising…caveman aliens…love it
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • It did sound promising. I enjoyed them, but I wouldn’t read them again. They are something to read in the mean time, not much to them. Thank’s Sherry for visiting!

  4. Very well reviewed series Angela!!!

    • Thank you!