Tell Me Something Tuesday: What Do You Read in Winter?

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For me when I think of Winter it is Nov. Dec. and maybe Jan. I live in California now and those months are the coldest as well as the rainiest months. No snow unless you head to Tahoe. These months are busy, we’ll mainly Nov. and Dec., so I find myself diving into books I already have read and enjoyed. My real life gets to be hectic and so old favorites are what I like to enjoy. 

Those old favorites are The Pride series, Dragon Kin series, anything by Ilona Andrews, and the Mercy Thompson series. All are paranormal. The Pride and Dragon Kin series’s are humors and I like to laugh or smile. Those books always make me laugh in some way. The Andrews Team and Patricia Briggs weave such outstanding worlds and characters that I’m sucked away each and every time. I love how their work grows, progress, and evolves. It feels like the first time with any of their books. 

As for the end of 2019 and begging of 2020 I got into a science fiction romance kick and have been devouring a lot in that genre, but I’ve also been falling back on my old favorites.

What about you all, what do you find yourself reaching for the most during the winter months?

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9 comments on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: What Do You Read in Winter?

  1. I can see how you might like to fall back on old favorites this time of year. I don’t really have specific seasonal reads that I can think of.

  2. Oh…. nice. I like that. When life gets hectic, go to a favorite. Makes a lot of sense.

    • ^_^

  3. Ooh, I like this topic!

    Winter is a time when I do a lot of rereading. For example, “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte is something I’ve only ever read/reread between the end of autumn and the beginning of spring.

    I also like children’s fantasy books like the Chronicles of Narnia series, especially the first book where the magical winter that lasted a century eventually ended. Because, honestly, sometimes it feels like winter has lasted a century by the end of February. LOL.

    • Thank’s for sharing what you enjoy in winter. Rereads are the best especially if they are old favorites.

  4. I go on sprees where I only want to read a certain series or author and it usually happens in December after I’ve gotten through all the arc reads. You’re right about it being a good way to get a break. 🙂

    • Thank’s for sharing what you read in winter. We all need a break and old favorites are a nice way to recoup before diving back into ARC’s or whatever. ^_^

  5. I like to read psychological thrillers and suspense books mostly any time of year.

    • Those a nice picks. I like suspense, but it has to be romantic suspense. I’m not a horror or thriller reader. Thank’s for sharing what you enjoy reading during winter or all year long. ^_^