Review: Beast (Galactic Gladiators #7) by Anna Hackett

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Beast Book Cover Beast
Galactic Gladiators #7
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance
October 29, 2017
Kindle Unlimited


Abducted by alien slavers and taken to a lawless desert world, the last thing starship pilot Mia expects is to find herself in the protective, brawny arms of a wild, blue-skinned alien!

Rescued by gladiators on the alien world of Carthago, Mia is working to find other abducted humans who are still lost. But someone else also needs her help--the untamed alien who's saved her twice. Rescued from vicious fight rings he's fought in since he was a child, Vek is prone to losing control in aggressive fits of rage...and Mia discovers that she is the only who can calm him. As she finds herself drawn to the man beneath the beast, she knows that with his enhanced senses, Vek can help her find her friends...

For years, all Vek'ker has known is death, darkness, and killing. Despite his newfound freedom, he is struggling to control his rages and withdrawal from the drugs his captors used on him. Only one scent soothes him, one voice calms him, and one woman is his light in the dark. Vek will do anything to protect Mia and make her happy... including vowing to find her friends...

With the gladiators from the House of Galen, Vek and Mia follow mysterious clues into a dangerous part of the desert on the trail of the missing humans. They are drawn closer together but as they enter the deadly Illusion Mountains, they have no idea of the dangers lying in wait for them, or how far they will both be pushed to their limits in order to survive!


Beast is book seven in the Galactic Gladiators by Anna Hackett. 

This was another entertaining read in this series. I devoured the Galactic Gladiators series one book at a time. 

In Beast we get answers to one of the relative newcomers to the House of Galen, Vek. 

Vek our blue alien who was also rescued from captivity. He’s wild, dominate, and pumped full of drugs like the human male. He’s the ultimate BEAST of an alpha. The only thing that seams to soothe his rage and bring some reason is Mia and her voice. 

Mia was abducted by the alien slavers, rescued, then abducted again, and rescued. She’s sweet, tender, and thoughtful. When her friends and Vek are under attack she has a spine of steel. 

Vek and Mia complemented each other. Vek’s a true hero and yet at times so fragile. My heart melted for him. Then bring in Mia a lover of music and we get to discover if music can feed the soul and heal. Their romance was sweet. 

Theirs no shortage of action and adventure. The world keeps building and new characters keep popping up. 

Beast is another enjoyable reading the Galactic Gladiators series. If you enjoy science fiction romance then Hackett is an author for you to try. 

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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  1. I really like this cover!

    • The covers for this series are good and fit.

  2. They sound like the sweetest couple for each other after what they’ve been through.

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  3. wow, book seven and still got your attention. that’s great
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