Review: Champion (Galactic Gladiators #5) by Anna Hackett

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Champion Book Cover Champion
Galactic Gladiators #5
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance
March 26, 2017
Kindle Unlimited


Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy's lawless outer rim...

Space marine Blaine Strong enjoyed being a composed, controlled member of space station security...until he was abducted by alien slavers. Forced into underground fight rings and pumped full of drugs, he's now seething with anger and out for revenge.

Rescued by gladiators and fellow humans on the desert world of Carthago, Blaine is fighting to be the man he once was. But when the House of Galen is attacked, he must focus on joining the gladiators to fight back. That means teaming up with a tough, competitive female gladiator who not only challenges him at every turn, awakens a fierce desire he's never felt before, but a woman who can sense the churning emotions inside him.

Gladiator Saff Essikani is the best net fighter in the Kor Magna Arena. Raised from young to fight, she bows to no man and uses her empathic abilities to win at whatever cost. With her House targeted and people under their care threatened, she'll stop at nothing to find those responsible. But then she finds herself face to face with a big, tortured man from Earth who affects her like no man before. As Saff and Blaine head into the desert to uncover a conspiracy, their incendiary desire flares hotter than the desert suns. But as Blaine's angry emotions rage out of control, Saff knows that unless he learns to embrace the man he is now, he has no chance of survival.

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (think wild gladiatorial fights and daring rescues), tough gladiators (the warriors of the House of Galen) and a steamy romance (between a tough female gladiator and a tortured space marine). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Includes a preview of Barbarian, the next book in the Galactic Gladiators series.


Champion is book five in Galactic Gladiators series by Anna Hackett.

Another action-packed read. This time we are treated to a female fighter Saff and a human male Blaine.

Saff is tough, focussed, and fond of teasing her Gladiator brothers in arms. She also loves a challenge. 

Blaine was a space marine until the day he was captured by alien slavers and sold to the underground fight arena. They drugged him to high heaven. He’s now escaped, but the drugs pumped into him have affect him. 

There are quite a few people who are very unhappy with the House of Galen and revenge is clearly something they want. Things escalate and Saff and Blaine have a fight on their hands. Their romance was ok. Not as well thought out as previous couples.

Champion is a non stop action adventure. This was an enjoyable read. Not my favorite, but still good.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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10 comments on “Review: Champion (Galactic Gladiators #5) by Anna Hackett

  1. I saw this author is making several of the first books of her series free right now. I know it’s an author you enjoy even if this one is not your favorite.

    • I’ve liked many of her books. Yep, she’s got a lot of the first in a series up for free to try out. Hope you enjoy. She’s a great author to read.

  2. Even if this wasn’t a favorite, the series as a whole appeals to me. Great review!

    • The series overall is amazing, entertaining, and enjoyable. I still liked it and would buy the series.

  3. glad you enjoyed it. i have my eye on some of her books
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • I hope you enjoy her books. Thank’s for visiting!

  4. Even if it’s not awesome it looks good

    • It was still an enjoyable read in the series and the overall ARC progress in finding more women kidnaped.

  5. Fabulously reviewed Angela!!???

    • Thank you! ?