Delectable Delights: Red White and Blue Cake

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I found this recipe on Eating on a Dime.

This recipe is so easy and fun!! It’s great for the 4th of July or any holiday, just change your die colors up. I made this for the 4th of July last year (2019) & my family loved it. 



I bought Ghirardelli White Vanilla Wafers instead of the melts. I melted them separately and added my die to the wafer to change the color to red and blue. I couldn’t find melts at my grocery story. The Ghirardelli was delicious, of course! I also had to purchase a bundt pan and I also bought a keeper. 

First, follow the directions for making a cake on the cake box. Make sure to use a bundt pan for backing and back with the bundt pan time. 


Before putting your cake mix into the bundt pan. Separate the mix into three bowls. Then add the blue die to one, red die to another, and keep the last white. I used about 5-6 drops of die, but add as much to make it the color you want.

Then add the red died cake mix to the pan first, then white cake mix, and last blue cake mix.

Then bake at time recommended on box and after let cool; before adding icing and decorations on top. 

Eat and Enjoy!



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4 comments on “Delectable Delights: Red White and Blue Cake

  1. Looks delicious! I should get a bundt pan.

    • It was and that bundt pan has come in handy for many different bread and cakes.

  2. That came out really good and looks delicious.

    • It did and we had fun making it.