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Null and Void
by Susan Copperfield
(Royal States #2)
Publication date: November 15th 2017
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Born without magic, Mackenzie Little has few prospects. In a futile attempt to break her out of the null caste, her mother ropes her into participating in a charity auction, where anything can be bought with enough money.

She never expected her ex-boss would buy her company, but for one day, she lives a fairy tale.

Nine months later, despite their precautions, Mackenzie’s little miracle is born.

Armed with Texas pride and New York viciousness, Mackenzie must fight through hell or high water to protect her family of two from a society obsessed with the magic they lack.

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Fifteen minutes before one, I emailed the report to Abigail, and because I’d trust a cobra long before her, I also sent it to my boss. I’d pay hell for it in one form or another later; if I let her send it, she’d be late, which would put me in the line of fire. Sending it to Dylan directly would land me in a steaming pile of crap with her, but she couldn’t fire me.

He could.

Aware of his meeting, I skipped out of the office to grab a bite to eat, hoping no one noticed me leaving outside normal lunch hours.

I ran into Abigail in the lobby, and she was on her way out of the office. Considering I hadn’t seen her upstairs since she’d dumped the first report on my lap, I wondered what she’d been doing with her day. “Abigail?”

“I’m busy, Mackenzie,” the woman snapped, flipping her hand at me. “Later.”

I fantasized about wrapping my hands around her pretty neck. “Have you forgotten I work in the marketing department? I’m not Mr. Mason’s secretary. You are.”

“Later, Mackenzie.” Abigail swept through the doors and took the steps two at a time. It was a good thing I lacked magic, as I would’ve used it to snap her needle-thin stilettos—or her neck.

Sometimes, I wasn’t a nice person, and I found it difficult to care. Instead of screaming profanities and yanking out my hair, I followed. In the time it took me to shove through the front doors out of the building, flinching at the cooler air outside, Dylan’s secretary had climbed into a sports car that was pulling away from the curb with a squeal of tires, getting nowhere in a hurry and burning rubber.

The chill didn’t bother me much, although my chest felt a little tighter than I liked, forcing me to retreat back into building.

Damn it. Was she really screwing me over again? My vantage gave me a good look at the car, and I memorized the license plate so I could snoop later. To make certain I wouldn’t forget, I pulled my phone out of my purse and emailed the number to myself. The next time she hung me out to dry, I’d remember her outing when she should’ve been doing her job and mention it to the wrong people.

I didn’t need magic to make her life miserable, and I needed a new job anyway. It’d been a miracle I’d stayed at Riverway Enterprises for as long as I had anyway.

Nulls like me tended to have a year-long shelf life before we became too expensive to keep around. Why waste good money on someone without a talent?

Life would be a lot easier when I accepted what I couldn’t change.


Susan Copperfield is the royal romance, urban fantasy loving alter ego of award-winning & USA Today bestselling novelist RJ Blain.

Under the super not-so-secret identity of Susan, the Royal States of America is explored, where the work of sixteen founding royal families preserved the United States from destruction and civil war when magic swept over the world.

In the Royal States, life, love, and magic always finds a way.

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