Review: Mama and the Alien Warrior (Treasured by the Alien #1) by Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn

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Mama and the Alien Warrior Book Cover Mama and the Alien Warrior
Treasured by the Alien #1
Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn
Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
May 12th 2019
Kindle Unlimited


Can a weary warrior and an abducted single mom save each other?

Abby Wentworth never regretted abandoning her corporate career to adopt her orphaned niece and run a maternity home. But she certainly never expected to find herself and her girls abducted by aliens who intend to sell them as breeders.

When they are rescued by a massive alien and his crew, desires she has long suppressed start to surface. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the captain who treats both her and her daughter with unwavering devotion.

Until his ship intercepts an illegal Vedeckian trader, Captain Hrebec is resigned to spending his life alone. The Cires lost their females to a plague many years ago. Now for the first time, this luscious human female has him longing for a mate and a family.

But Abby has to get her girls back to Earth, and Hrebec may have one last chance to save his race. Will their duties force them apart? Or will they finally find a family of their own?

Mama and the Alien Warrior is a standalone science fiction romance. This sweet and steamy HEA is intended for adults only.


Mama and the Alien Warrior is book one in the Treasured by the Alien series by Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn.

Hrebec is adorable. I loved him the moment we meet him. He’s sweet and I just loved his interaction with the human child, her mother, and the Cire baby. He’s just heart-melting. 

Abby sees herself as a mother figure to these women who where dropped off at her door. She’s protective of everyone in her care. 

As the story goes and is explained in the blurb Abby has opened a maternity home for women with no place to go. All of those in her care are kidnapped from earth. Then get rescued by the Cires. 

We are introduced to many secondary characters both human and aliens. At times it was hard to keep track of everyone, since so many are introduced and some secondary characters where hooking up besides our leads. 

A few things frustrated me and took away from the story. 

1. Abby kept saying throughout the book were going back to Earth. We’re leaving. We’re going back. She never asked the young ladies in her care if they wanted to stay with their rescuers or go back to earth. What do these women have to go back too? They had nothing back on Earth so, why go back? It was frustrating how much she kept repeating this. 

2. Another thing that frustrated me was with Abby in that she never wanted to explore the possibility of a future with Hrebec, until all the other women said they want to stay. She just pushed off the bond. Even with all the signs. 

3. I was very frustrated with Abby in that she thinks she knows what’s best for Molly. What Abby did in keeping Molly away from her mate ended up making Molly suffer. With the suffer all the signs where their that she wasn’t doing well. What Abby did put Molly, her unborn child, and her mates life in danger leading to a medical emergence. And in the end, only two lines are said about this and all is forgiven. 

4. Last, It was frustrating that Abby tried to force the women in her care to do as she said and made decisions for them. These are grown women. Even if they are young and one is a teenager she should have talked to them and asked their opinion instead of being a mother in that my word is law. 

Now, their were a few things I did enjoy about this story. 

1. We are treated to some sweet and tender interactions. My favorite parts where all the interactions with the 2-year-old, Lucie. She was so adorable and open minded with her situation. 

2. I enjoyed the aliens and how unique they are. 

3. The family bonding parts where just so adorable.

4. Last, I liked how curious the aliens are in seeing a child, infants, and women. Many have never seen children and women; because their race has no women and is dyeing. 

Mama and the Alien Warrior was a nice and enjoyable read.

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. Okay… this cover kind of freaked me out. It took a while for me to figure out what I was looking at.

    • Hehehe… The books in this series have interesting covers, but each so far has featured a kid in some way on the cover. Thank’s for stopping in.

  2. Hrebec and the little girl would have me swooning, but yeah, a bossy Abby would tank a story quickly for me.

    • ^_^ I adored the little girl and Hrebec was so sweet.