ARC Review: A Stream of Darkness (Crymsen Crescent #1) by Avery Kilpatrick

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A Stream of Darkness Book Cover A Stream of Darkness
Crymsen Crescent #1
Avery Kilpatrick
Urban Fantasy - New Adult
July 31st 2020
Review Copy


A reformed killer, a dragon agent, and a lone shifter must work together to investigate four abductions…

I’ve always had a close relationship with death.

Six years ago, I was the Renegade, the Wolf of Eden, terrorizing the streets of a small town in Mississippi. Now, after a plea deal that saved my life, I work for the police as a consultant and unofficial cop.

Obsidian Moon, the Underworlder police agency, isn't doing anything about the disappearances of four college women. It falls to my shoulders while I'm stressing over my college assignments and the new transfer who thinks testing my control is a great pasttime.

Then there’s him. The mystery shifter who danced with me at a club and reminds me of home. And he seems to be more than just a random stranger who walked up to an ex-murderer and danced rather than fight.

But I have bigger concerns than two sexy men on my tail as a stream of darkness hangs over Paradise Grove.

The opening of a new series, A Stream of Darkness, will have you guessing at every turn and turning the pages to learn more.


A Stream of Darkness is Avery Kilpatrick’s debut novel. 

We are treated to verity of supernaturals, old norse mythology and lore, missing girls, and a rogue organization that’s looking to bring about the second Ragnarök.

From the moment I started this story I was intrigued. The author grabbed me. Her opening prologue grabs and continues into the first chapter. I was intrigued by this evil that was hunting and wanted to find out more. 

We get a world where the supernaturals have been out to the public since the 1950’s and they have their own police force to police the supernaturals. We are also treated to different realms or layers that you can only see with a different sight and not all can see these layers.

We are treated to a verity of characters and our lead Luce who is a reformed killer. 

Luce’s got some interesting and unique abilities that we learn about. Now, I would have liked a novella featuring her killing and trial; just to get more of a backstory and who knows maybe one day the author will give us that tho we do get enough information along the way to piece things together and see where she’s at now. It’s quite captivating. She’s still young for a supernatural and hasn’t come into her full powers, but when she does; CA-BOOM. During this adventure there are a few areas that I thought Luce would have stoped and thought; that this isn’t right or doesn’t feel right and in the end not have had the wool pulled over her, but then I remember she’s young and it could happen. The author made me feel for Luce and her situation. I cried in several places; because I felt her pain and helplessness. 

There are a lot of secondary characters and these are just a few of them: We have Izzy the best friend to Luce. I loved her. She’s so positive and outgoing. Luce needed that. Then Casimir the dragon and Underworld Police Agent. I’m not sure on him. He lies to Luce several times. Then we have Ari a mysteries shifter who pops up out of the blue. Plus all the other’s. There is no shortage of characters to meet.

Now for the romance. At times it’s in the background and other times it’s a focus. I wasn’t sure what direction the author was going weather we where going to get a possible love triangle, which I dis-like, or a blooming M/F/M, or a M/F. We have two possible suitors Casimir and Ari. There are tender moments with both and some hints as too things, but I’m still unclear on some things though Luce does pick one. I could have done with out the romance just because I’m confused and it was a bit quick in the making. 

The mystery on the missing girls and this hidden organization are gripping. We are told one thing, but it looks like their goal may lie in a different direction than what we think. It’s just the beginning. 

A Stream of Darkness is riveting and I devoured the book in one day. It’s got some great distinctive and unusual things to it that transfixed and kept me engrossed. I’m curious to see where the overall arc will lead. Urban Fantasy fans will enjoy. 

Rated: 4 Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Bewitching Book Tours via BookFunnel with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the review. The book sounds really intriguing.

    • Thank’s for checking out my review, Kim. Hope you enjoy!