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I found this tag on Lili Lost in a Book who found it on That Book Gal.  
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Name your favorite author’s (or books) writing style.

Top Six Favorite Author’s: Ilona Andrews (UF/PNR), Patricia Briggs (UF/PNR), Nalini Singh (UF/PNR), Felicity Heaton (PNR), Anna Hackett (Sci-Fi Romance), & Anna Lowe (PNR).


A book that made you frustrated!

I hardly get frustrated, but when I do it’s for a good reason. I do hate love triangles and high school drama. What frustrated me about this read was the back and forth, back and forth, blah blah that Ivy and Adrain did. They are the two main characters. If the main couple/characters are annoying – well your not going to enjoy the book. 


A book that really made you think or question things.

I’ve got no book for this one; because I read Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Romance. Those genres don’t lead to thinking or questioning things. 


Your favorite book from a different time period.

Well I’ve read a few Historical Romance novels. This is one I enjoyed!


Your favorite book with pictures.

I like the art work in Mangas and I do read them. The Kamisama Kiss series is one I’ve enjoyed. 


A book you would love to see turned into a movie.

I have a love hate with books going to movie or TV shows. They either get it right or they fudge it up so bad that the book is ruined along with the movie or show. I honestly can’t think of something, but I guess I’d pick The Dresden Files. I know the Sci-Fi channel did a TV show on the series that only run for one season. I haven’t watched it yet, so can’t give my option, but since it only ran for one season something must not have clicked. The books thou are well written.


A character with a similar music taste to you.

I can’t think of a book that I’ve read with a character that had a similar music taste to me. I like Yanni, The Piano Guys, Lindsay Sterling, Pentatonix, U2, Arrowsmith, and more. 


A food from a book you would love to try.

This is easy! The Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep has some delicious food in the books. Gin cooks in every book and I always get hungry when reading. So many delicious dishes. 


Bus Ride Home
A book or author that is relaxing.

I’d pick a nice fun paranormal cozy mystery or a re-read of old favorites.


Extra Credit
A book someone recommended that you enjoyed.

I follow a lot of bloggers so their are many recommendations. The most recent one that I’ve been devouring is The Wild Hunt series. The Silver Stag hooked me and I can’t get enough of the exciting world full of magic and unique supernatural’s. 


I’d love to hear from you!
What books would be your back to school?


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  1. Some interesting back to school books. LOL! No, but really, this is a fun tag!
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  2. What a fun tag! I think I’m going to do it. 🙂

    I love several of your English class picks and I agree that Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter are good relaxing ones. I still need to try the Elemental Assassin series.

    • I’m not caught up on the Elemental Assassin series, but I do recommend it. I’ve loved the books rating them 5 or 4 stars. They are action-packed and have outstanding characters. Yes, English has all my favorite authors and I wanted to showcase a book from each of them. Fox and her Southern Ghost Hunter has become a favorite. I just started the series this year and was hooked at book one and I went out and bought the next few books in audio as well as novellas. Just great fun and relaxing. Thank’s for visiting. Can’t wait to see your picks for this tag.