Review: Guardian (Galactic Gladiators #9) by Anna Hackett

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Guardian Book Cover Guardian
Galactic Gladiators #9
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
March 4, 2018
Kindle Unlimited


Rescued from alien slavers, former cop Dayna wakes to discover she's host to a powerful alien symbiont, and the only man who can help her is the mysterious and dangerous casino owner, Rillian.

Dayna Caplan has dedicated her life to protecting others...and now that she's no longer a captive at the desert arena of Zaabha, she desperately wants to help find the last of the other human women who were abducted by the Thraxians. But now she has to deal with the intense hunger and powerful new abilities the alien living inside grants her...and the person forcing her to confront her new reality is the cool, enigmatic, and far-too-attractive Rillian.

Rillian has wheeled and dealed his way to the top of the food chain on the lawless desert world of Carthago. He lets no one close and keeps iron-clad control on his life...which is vital to keeping the lethal power within him in check. But one human woman--tough, stubborn, and fascinating Dayna--works her way under his skin, and he finds himself obsessed with protecting her. But as dead bodies start appearing in his casino as a deadly warning, dangers are closing in on them.

With their allies, the gladiators from the House of Galen, Rillian and Dayna find themselves fighting for survival on every front. On the hunt to find Zaabha and the lost humans, they will face murderers, slavers, and the deadliest of all challenges...the aliens living within them.

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (think wild gladiatorial fights and terrible murders), tough gladiators (the warriors of the House of Galen) and a steamy romance (between a sexy, mysterious casino owner and a tough, stubborn cop from Earth). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Includes a preview of Cyborg, the next book in the Galactic Gladiators series.


[su_quote cite=”62% Guardian”]“Well…” Her husky voice was lazy and relaxed. “The ladies were right.” He looked down at her satisfied face and arched a brow. She smiled. “Sex with an alien rocks.”[/su_quote]

Guardian is book nine in the Galactic Gladiators series by Anna Hackett. 

This series keeps giving me something new to fall love with. We are kept on our toes and surprised with new and interesting events.

We catch up with Dayna who underwent a truly awful captivity at the hands of a desert witch and she’s left struggling to understand how to live with this creature inside herself. She is not the only one with a creature inside and Rillian, the casino owner, vows to teach Dayna how to feed safely and live with this new reality. 

Dayna is one who is not used to not being in control. She’s tenacious and stubborn, but will she learn to control this new thing insider herself?

Rillian is powerful, rich, sexy and has a dark side that no one knows about. With Dayna in his life his control will be tested! 

Dayna and Rillian grow to trust each other and eventually fall in love. The symbionts connected them and brought a new element to the story. I will say the symbiont reminded me of Star Gate.

Most of the story takes place in Rillian’s casino, so we don’t get to see much of the plant, but we do get to see how the casino runs. We also get to see previous characters play parts in this story and we are getting hints as to who is hooking up. They’re where surprise and twists along the way and we also get to see the birth of a baby from one of our couples.

I can never get enough of the Galactic Gladiators series. It’s full of interesting characters, strong humans, and action that takes you away. Guardian was another enjoyable read. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I’m glad you continue to enjoy this series!

    • It’s a fun Sci-Fi Romance. I did KU, but ended up buying the books, so I can reread them ^_^. Thank’s for visiting!