Review: Taunting Krell (Cyborg Seduction #7) by Laurann Dohner

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Taunting Krell Book Cover Taunting Krell
Cyborg Seduction #7
Laurann Dohner
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
August 10, 2016



Krell hates humans. They left him scarred and undesirable to females. He’s lived a lonely existence in his home world because of their brutality. So he’s angry when he’s ordered to interrogate the captured human. She’s the enemy, a soldier from Earth. He’ll show her the same mercy they showed him. None.

Cyan didn’t expect to survive her mission against the Markus Models but she’s stunned and elated to be confronted by cyborgs. The past and present collide, however, when she sees Krell. He’s part of a dangerous secret from another life—and he’s also completely irresistible.

Krell is certain Cyan can’t be trusted. He’s determined to keep her at a distance…but Cyan is just as determined to get the big, sexy cyborg into her bed.


Taunting Krell is book seven in the Cyborg Seduction series by Laurann Dohner.

It takes us into the past to see the beginning of things for the cyborg people and then we jump into an interesting situation.

Cyan our heroine played a big part in setting the Cyborg’s free. Though she is not the same women she was back then. I really enjoyed her dressing down to the Cyborg Council. She was not happy with how they set up their society and she let them know it. She didn’t give up her life for them to set up the forced family structures and breeding program they have. It was time someone did this. They needed to hear it. Wither it will change things, only time will tell, but it was needed. 

Krell our hero was brutalized and scared by the humans. He does not care for them. He’s a loner and the Cyborg society doesn’t see him either because of his scares. They see that as an imperfection. He’s not in a good place when Cyan comes along. Yet, Cyan see’s him and he needed that. He need someone to see him. 

Taunting Krell gives us a few surprises along the way. There’s passion, intrigue, and excitement. The plot was interesting and moved along. I have to say I really liked Cyan; because she was such a strong heroine. As for the cyborg council I don’t care for them and don’t think I ever will. The romance was nice and enjoyable; between Krell and Cyan. 

The Cyborg Seduction series is a nice sexy escape.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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  1. I have not yet tried erotic alien books, although many of my blogger friends love then. You have me curious about the series.

    • I jumped around in this series. I started with book 5 then read the books that’s blurbs interested me. I have not nor do I want to read books 1 & 2, but I will say I liked some in the Cyborg Seduction series and others not so much. They’re a nice escape. Whoever you try in erotic alien I hope you enjoy. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. Yep, this one is going in my wish list. I think I would like this one.

    • Their are ones I liked and ones I didn’t in the series, but this one I liked. Nice to see how they escaped. Hope you enjoy!

  3. wow…that cover jumped right out and…and…:-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • It does ^_^!