It’s Release Day! Fierce (Wolf Ranch) by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale ~ #Excerpt

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Today we have the release day blitz for Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale’s FIERCE! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today! 


I gave her a small smile. “Actually, I’m here to offer you something.” I tipped my hat. “My services.”

Seraphina nickered, as if she found me amusing.

“Excuse me?” The crisp white blouse from the day before was replaced with a plaid button-up. Little pearl snaps drew my eye to the swell of her breasts. She wore a pretty plum shade of lipstick on her pillowy lips and mascara today.

That was new. Was it for me? I sure as fuck hoped it was. It was totally unnecessary, of course, but I wouldn’t mind it if she was thinking about me when she dressed this morning. I had to wonder if she’d taken this much care on the outside, what was she wearing beneath? Lavender lace would look gorgeous on her.

“Cowboy services,” I said. “I may or may not have overheard you were in need of them. Please tell me I was the cowboy down the hall you were contemplating screwing. Because if it was Johnny, I’ll have to throat-punch him.”

Her eyes widened the moment she caught on to what I was talking about. She flushed, but a choked laugh came out of her. “Oh God. You heard that, too? I’m seriously going to die.”

“Nah, nothing shameful about knowing what you want. I like when a woman is aware of what she needs.”

Her gaze darted around, as if she could see outside the stall. “At least Johnny didn’t hear. Where is he anyway? I haven’t seen him since I moved in.”

“I kicked him out of the bunkhouse,” I admitted, without a bit of remorse. “I’m the one in danger of dying, doll. I keep thinking about you in the shower last night. Now I find out you’re in need of my services.”

“Services?” The word came out just over a whisper.

I arched a brow. She glanced away.

“I’m here with an offer.”

The thrum of her pulse made my wolf want to howl. The way her chest heaved, I’d made her breathless. Eager. Nervous. Still, she covered it well, cocking a hip and raising her brows. “Wh-what offer?”

I wasn’t going to skirt around the topic. We only had so much time. Not only because she was going back to Colorado but because I was going to lose my shit if I didn’t have her. “Two

weeks. That’s how long you’re here, right?”

She looked suspicious, cocking her head to the side, but nodded.

“Give me those fourteen nights to pleasure you.”

It was perfect. I had no intention of marrying a human, but this arrangement had a built in deadline. It could be short-term and casual without anyone’s heart getting broken. I’d take care of her needs, just as she’d told the person on the phone she wanted. And she’d slake this lust she’d produced in me. I’d get her out of my system before I found my true mate. If I found her. Until then, why not a little fun?

Her mouth opened and closed in surprise. “Wh-what do you mean?”

A smile tugged at my lips. “Oh, I think it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? You need your V-card punched with a—” I cleared my throat. “—hot cowboy.”

I was dying to touch her, but I waited, still not sure if she would pull back. “I’ll punch that card for you, and I promise I’ll make it good. I’ll keep punching it every night you’re here. You know—to make up for lost time.” My mouth stretched into a fierce grin. I reached for her waist and lightly settled my hand there to see if she’d accept my touch.

She did. Her gaze locked mine, the warm brown of her irises darkened with blown pupils. For a moment she didn’t breathe.

Neither did I.

“You want to… to have sex with me.”


“For two weeks.”


She was getting it. “A fling.”

“A fling,” I repeated.

She blinked, glanced between my eyes to assess my… sincerity? “Okay.”

I let out my breath. Okay?

She sounded unsure. Almost startled by her answer as if the words fell out of her mouth without thinking.

“Okay. Starting now.” I didn’t give her time to second-guess. I immediately tugged her close and slammed my lips down on hers.


Title: Fierce (Wolf Ranch #5)

Author: Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale 

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

About Fierce (Wolf Ranch #5) 


Fate has it in for me.

She’s sent a human vet to stay in the bunkhouse. With me.

I might not have the wolf scent, but I have the hearing.

I learn she’s a virgin. I offer her two weeks.

Two weeks where I’ll show her a large animal. One she can’t resist.

Or at least one who can’t resist her.

I’ll prove she doesn’t know everything about four-legged beasts.

Especially not the fiercest ones who stalk their prey in the night.

Especially not one determined to prey on her.


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