Review: A Son for the Alien Warrior (Treasured by the Alien #2) by Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn

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A Son for the Alien Warrior Book Cover A Son for the Alien Warrior
Treasured by the Alien #2
Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn
Science Fiction Romance
December 15, 2019
Kindle Unlimited


Can she create a new family with an alien warrior?

On the anniversary of the disappearance of Mariah’s sister and nephew, Mariah returns to their last known location, expecting to find only painful memories. Instead, she encounters an alien spaceship and recklessly sneaks aboard, taking one last chance to be reunited with her family.

The desperate move sends her across the galaxy and straight into the arms of a massive alien warrior who is determined to protect her. But no matter how much she is drawn to him, she will not be distracted from her goal—to find her missing family at all costs.

Years ago, when Captain Cestov and his brother argued over the fate of their dying race, his brother stormed out of his life. He has been searching for him ever since. He never expected his search to lead him to a distant planet, a troubled ranch, and a little boy who calls him Daddy. And he certainly never expected an enticing human female who makes him consider putting down roots for the first time.

Neither Mariah nor Cestov ever thought they would find a permanent home. But can their shared love for a child help them to move on to a new future as a family? Or will the ghosts from their pasts tear them apart?

Each book in the Treasured by the Alien series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy HEA is intended for adults only.


“To our family,” he echoed. “To the ones who are here, to the ones who are yet to come, and to the ones who live on in our hearts.”98% A Son for the Alien Warrior


A Son for the Alien Warrior is book two in the Treasured by the Alien series by Honey Phillips & Bex McLynn.

Mariah is determined to find her sister who just disappeared. She returns to the area where her sister vanished and finds an alien spaceship. What does she do, but sneak on board and soon learns it’s a slaver ship. Luck is on her side and she finds an ally who helps her in her quest and introduces her too Cestov. What I like about Mariah is her free spirt and her determination in finding her missing sister and nephew.

Cestov is also searching for his brother. They argued and one day he was just gone. He wants to find him and resolve their issues, but things take a turn when he helps Mariah and they both find what they were looking for on a distant planet. What I like about Cestov is his determination to find his brother and that he realizes that what his brother wanted can happen. He’s also strong, patient, and relatable.

Mariah and Cestov where a nice couple and their romance was sweet. Their search didn’t turn out as they had hopped, but they did find family and in the end made a family of their own. There where troubles along the way that they had to deal with and some unexpected issues and surprises.

I really love the family feel. Cestov has his crew who are family and then when he and Mariah find something unexpected they gain a family and become a family too. It was sweet.

A Son for the Alien Warrior was a sweet sexy read with the cuteness of building a family. I found this to be an enjoyable read and would read more in the The Treasured by the Alienseries. They are quick and enjoyable reads. Nice for a sweet sexy time and a getaway into outer space.

Rated: 3 Stars

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