Review: Claiming Her Alien Warrior (Warriors of the Lathar, #2) by Mina Carter

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Claiming Her Alien Warrior Book Cover Claiming Her Alien Warrior
Warriors of the Lathar #2
Mina Carter
Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
September 29, 2015


She’s his… she just doesn’t know it yet.

Karryl K’Vass has wanted the human woman, Jane, from the moment he saw her. But she’s a tricky one, evading his claim even though he knows she desires him. His campaign for her heart is stalled when duty calls him away; a mission into a dangerous part of space to gather intelligence on the Empire’s enemies. A beautiful stowaway is the last thing he needs, even if she does make his body burn. He’ll finish his mission and get her back to the safety of Lathar Prime… Then maybe he can claim her as his mate.

In a race against the clock, she must betray his trust to achieve her mission… But fooling an alien warrior comes with a price.

No longer a captive but a guest of the alien warrior race, the Lathar, Jane Allen hasn’t forgotten what she is: a hard as nails marine major. Tasked with finding a way to beat the technologically advanced aliens, she needs to find answers for her superiors… before they arm the nukes and give the Lathar an excuse for war. Because the little green men aren’t so little. Or green… they’re large, ripped, scarily-attractive alpha male warriors hot enough to make any red-blooded woman weak at the knees. Especially one particular alien warrior with black hair and a sexy growl she can’t resist…

But no plan survives contact with the enemy. Reptilian mercenaries, a crash landing, and a case of amnesia later and they land in the clutches of their enemies who think it would be better if Karryl took a long walk out of a short airlock…


[su_quote cite=”77% Claiming Her Alien Warrior”]You know what humans say about the female of the species?” His eyebrow raised a fraction. “No. What?” She winked and pulled up the hood as the door chimes announced their escort. “We’re more deadly than the male.”[/su_quote]


Claiming Her Alien Warrior is book two in the Warriors of the Lathar series by Mina Carter. Theirs action, danger, suspense, and a little memory loss.

Both Jane and Karryl are stubborn warriors. I enjoyed their romance. Jane is an older heroine in her 40’s. I liked having a more mature/worldly women in this installment. Karryl has to work hard to dig into Janes defenses and get her to let him in and see that they are meant for each other. I liked his determination and the fight Jane put up. Their romance was fiery.

The secondary characters are interesting. We keep meeting new Lathar warriors. Not all of them are nice and honorable, but the same can be said for the human race too.

The only thing I did’t care for is that we don’t get a closer/resolution on Earth and Jane spying for Earth. That was the whole start of the story, then it went a different direction and never finished that plot line.

Claiming Her Alien Warrior was a thrilling and exciting read. I’m looking forward to continuing the series.

Rated: 4 Stars

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2 comments on “Review: Claiming Her Alien Warrior (Warriors of the Lathar, #2) by Mina Carter

  1. uh oh. i wonder if the author plans to come back to that plot line in a later book
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • It never really got back to the Spy plot line with Earth. Things do change on Earth and someone better is put into power and alliances are made. Still I’ve had fun with this series and explore space and the Lathar world.