Review: Pregnant by the Alien Healer (Warriors of the Lathar #3) by Mina Carter

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Pregnant by the Alien Healer Book Cover Pregnant by the Alien Healer
Warriors of the Lathar #3
Mina Carter
Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
September 22, 2017


She’s pregnant without nookie. Someone slap her ass and call her Mary…

A ‘guest’ of the Lathar, Jess has become used to being at court, especially as it allows her to be close to a certain tall, handsome healer. But Laarn might as well not know she exists, far more interested in his tests and her genetic code than her as a woman… maybe. A hot encounter after a combat trial prove that Laarn HAS noticed her, more than noticed her. But before they can act on the attraction between them, Laarn is called away to the battlefield leaving Jess all alone at court.

Not wanting to bother any of the other healers when she feels unwell, Jess gets treatment from the automated systems in Laarn’s lab, only to get worse days later. She’s pregnant, without a sniff of between the sheets action and worse, there’s a bunch of fanatics loose in the palace trying to kill her and her baby…

He aches to claim her, but saving his people must come first. To do that, he can’t waste time with a female…

Lord Healer for the Lathar, Laarn must find a way to save his people from the plague that claimed all their women a generation ago. Now it is speeding up and if he doesn’t do something, the Lathar will be gone in a generation. Salvation arrives in the form of humanity, descendants of a lost Lathar colony, who might just hold the key to reversing the damage to the Lathar genetic code.

His scars mark his rank, but will they also lose him the woman he loves?

Laarn never thought anything of his scars before. In his culture they mark his rank as the best healer in the empire, but he starts to cover them when Jessica, the delicate little human female who holds his interest, won’t look at them. He wants her, but his duty lies elsewhere until everything changes…

Between a pregnancy, mating marks and a fanatic out to kill the woman he loves, can Laarn remain detached enough to do his duty… or will he give into emotion and save his heart?


“That’s for knocking me up without fucking asking,” she hissed. “Or even fucking. Fucking or asking, either would have been a good thing, don’t you think?”67% Pregnant by the Alien Healer


Pregnant by the Alien Healer is book three in the Warriors of the Lathar series by Mina Carter. It’s sweet, exciting, emotional, and action-packed.

I read these to enjoy a getaway into a silly fun sci-romance. This was another enjoyable and entertaining read in the Warriors of the Lathar series. 

Jess and the Lord Healer Laarn where a great couple. Jess is the chaser while Laarn is the reluctant one, but once he falls he falls. I liked how this story played out with some quirky set of events; which find our Jess accidental implanted with Laarn’s child. The accident is believable, especially since Jess doesn’t understand the Lathar technology and the Lord Healer is gone and, so, things happen. It made me smile! These two dance around each other, but have had the hots for some time. Laarn is the reluctant one, but once he falls he falls. 

The story takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride that keeps you engaged, along with some great plot twists, and villains that are exciting and add little suspense and drama. 

The one thing overlooked in this story is Jess’s twin sister and that dilemma, but I’ve read the full series that’s out to date and that issue plays out in a few other books; before it’s resolved in Kissed by the Alien Mercenary, Book 12.

Pregnant by the Alien Healer I found to be a delightful read. Its a fun and sweet yet cheesy romance that kept me entertained. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I am so MOODY in my reading right now and sadly it is not for aliens. I’m glad it was a good one for you.

    • This year has been my most Moodiest year on books. I’ve had so many slumps. I appreciate you visiting and hope you are enjoying whatever book you are currently reading.

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    • Happy Labor Day to you to Sophia.

      I’ve got a list of SFR I want to try too. I’m slowly working my way. This series was one and now I’m up to date. ^_^ It’s a nice fun escape. I like just diving into something simple now and then. Thanks for visiting and happy reading!