Review: Kiss of Eon (Eon Warriors #4) by Anna Hackett

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Kiss of Eon Book Cover Kiss of Eon
Eon Warriors #4
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
September 22, 2019
Kindle Unlimited


When the vital alliance between Earth and the Eon Empire depends on her playing war games with an arrogant, infuriating Eon warrior, what could go wrong?

Terran Captain Allie Borden has her orders. Take her ship, the Divergent, and strengthen the alliance with the Eon by carrying out training exercises with the Eon warship, the Desteron. The only problem…one annoying warrior who gets on her nerves like nobody else. Forced to work with Second Commander Brack Thann-Felis, Allie finds her diplomacy skills stretched to the limit…and her body betraying her with a white-hot desire that’s getting hard to ignore.

Brack Thann-Felis is dedicated to his ship, his warriors, and his job. Watching his parents’ disastrous marriage has ensured that he will never mate or fall in love. Working with feisty, opinionated Allie tests his patience, but the more time he spends with the dedicated captain, the more he finds he can’t stay away from her.

As mysterious, dangerous sabotage events strike their ships, it becomes evident that someone wants their alliance to fail. They might have traitors among their crew and they both know it has to lead back to their enemy—the ravenous insectoid Kantos. Soon, Brack and Allie find themselves in a fight for their lives, with only each other to depend on, and a growing desire that will not be denied.

Includes a preview of Galactic Gladiators #1, Gladiator.

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Kiss of Eon

Eon Warriors series: Science Fiction Romance, Action Adventure Romance, Space Opera, Futuristic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Military Romance and Paranormal Romance


“You with me, Second Commander?” “I’m okay,” he ground out. “We’re alive, so that’s a good start.” “We just crashed and you think that’s good?” “I’m an optimist.”47% Kiss of Eon

Kiss of Eon is book four in the Eon Warriors series by Anna Hackett.

Hackett keeps delivering exciting, entertaining, and spectacular reads. There is always something new to enjoy and keep you coming back and wanting more. 

Allie is a human Captain who is desperate to get the Eon Empire to work with Earth in defeating the Kantos. 

Brack is second in command on his ship and happy to cooperate, but one thing is certain he doesn’t know how to love.

I liked this couple. It’s a friends to lovers type storyline. They’re banter and comments where a lot of fun. As always there is non-stop action and when things hit the fan, Allie and Brack, work together beautifully. Their relationship is filled with emotional trials, betrayal, and death defying feats. 

We continue to get new and interesting worlds to explore. At one point these two end up on a rogue planet. This setting is fun and kind of scary, but entertaining. There are a lot of fun and interesting secondary characters in the story and the bad guys, the Kantos, bug like creatures are a bane in everyones existence’s. 

Kiss of Eon was another fantastic read in the Eon Warriors series. I can’t wait to read on.

Rated: 4.5 Stars

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  1. When I get to this genre I’ll definitely have to try this author as she seems to be a favorite of yours.
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    • This author is a favorite and she’s on KU with some of her series. I hope you enjoy!