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Well I broke down last month (Oct) and signed up for Netflix. I’ve been in a reading slump and nothing has appealed to me. I also wasn’t finding anything new on cable and I’ve watched everything I wanted to at the moment on my Amazon Prime membership, so here we are.


Criminal Minds – I really enjoy crime dramas. I never watched this show when it was on TV, but now I’m devouring the seasons one after the other.


Enola Holmes – This was a fun, clever, and fast-paced movie. I enjoyed watching this movie. I kinda am hoping we get a TV series with Enola. Henry Cavill as Holmes and Millie Bobby Brown as Enola where great; well the whole cast of characters where perfect.


Blacklist – Another crime drama I never watched on TV when it came out. Oh how I like crime dramas. I’m only on the first season, but I’m enjoying.


Maid Sama – I liked the manga and when I saw season one is available I jumped to watch. I binged all the episodes. Enjoyed it!


Any recommendations on what I should watch on Netflix?
I’d love to hear from you!


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12 comments on “Randomness: What I’m Watching On Netflix

  1. Big fan of the Blacklist, even though I don’t watch many of the episodes due to the violence. Red is one of the best characters on TV.

    No Criminal Minds for me, obviously!

    My first recommendation is “The Last Dance” documentary series about The Chicago Bulls’ final season with Michael Jordan. That documentary is what inspired me to finish my first book and change my life.

    The second show I would recommend is Cobra Kai. I avoided it when it was buzzing on YouTube but decided to give it a try. Granddaughter 15 is in love with the show, and DH enjoys it, too. Not what I expected at all in a good way.
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  2. I loved Criminal Minds! Such a great show!
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  3. I love crime dramas so I watched those years ago when I had broadcast tv. We have Netflix and Prime but my daughter is the one who watches stuff. I am interested in Enola Hughes but I have so many things I’ve never watched and would like to watch it’s unlikely. The only thing I’ve “watched” this year was the Democratic convention.
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    • Enola Holmes was fun. I liked it and I think you will too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I watch the reruns for Criminal Minds whenever they’re on after watching the series for a few years. I really want to watch Enola Holmes. Looks great.

    • I liked Enola Holmes. It was fun and I think you might like it too. Criminal Minds I’ve been bing watching I think I’m at season 12 now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve signed up for Netflix a couple of times, but quickly cancel. I seem to binge one show then I can’t find anything else interesting. Waiting to see if they have a deal on Black Friday, if not I’m thinking of signing up for a month or two over the winter and holiday to watch the latest Great British Baking Comp. and Enola Holmes. Will, of course, look for more.

    We have Acorn which we started watching every night after dinner, but we’ve stopped even though we liked what we watched. It was less than $60 for the year and I doubt we’ll renew since we’re not consistent watchers. Our library system ahs a lot of these shows on DVD.

    On Netflix, I’d recommend the Santa Clarita Diet. Quick (30 min. episodes), light, fun show.

    • My library doesn’t have a great selection online, but the DVD’s are plentiful. I’ve been streaming more than anything due to COVID. Getting DVD’s or all the seasons in a TV show isn’t easy now at my library. Example: They have the first two season then skip a season then have the next. I want all seasons ^_^. so my options are limited.

      Enola Holmes is fun and I liked it. I think you might too. I’ve found a few Movies and TV shows that have interested me on Netflix and I’ve added them to my list, but I like to get through one TV show before binging another. ^_^

      Thanks for the recommendations, sharing and visiting.

  6. Criminal Minds and The Black List are among my favorites and I’ve watched them several times, along with Longmire and Heartland. Just finished The Queen’s Gambit. It was really good. And I’m watching The Crown now.
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    • Those are some good recommendations. I’ll check them out once I’m done with my current bing of Criminal Minds and The Black List. I like to finish a TV show before moving on. I’ve heard good things about the Queen’s Gambit and The Crown.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  7. i love criminal minds and watch it on cable all the time. we are in the process of trying to reduce our expenses and checking into alternate sources of tv enjoyment. i am a tv addict, so being without my cable was never a consideration before.
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    • I don’t mind going without Cable. We did that years ago, but we also had Netflix when they first started out in the DVD rental area, so we used them a lot back then. I understand looking for something cheeper. Cable is expensive. I wasn’t much of a TV buff, but with this pandemic I’m in a reading slump and I’ve been turning to the TV to find shows to watch.

      I feel like I missed out when Criminal Minds came out. It’s really good. I’n hooked and binging the show. I’m now on Season 12.

      Thank’s for visiting and sharing.