Audio Tour: Character Interview w/ Lassi Finn (Grave Stones by Calinda B. & Narrated by Alex Black) ~ #Excerpt

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Interview with Lassi Finn from the Bloodstone Quadrilogy

What is your occupation?

Labor and Delivery Nurse in Dublin. I love to deliver babies.

What does your voice sound like?

Oh, when I’m in a twist my friends might say I sound like a banshee. But my lover will testify how sweet and dulcet I can sound when I want something.

On what occasions do you lie?

When the situation warrants it, I’ve been known to fudge the truth. Especially when it comes to hiding supernatural secrets. You have to protect the innocent from things they don’t understand as well as the people you love from hysterical overreactions by those who don’t understand.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Probably feck. Fecking. Feckity feck. Fina-fuckingly. All good words in my book. ?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Labor and Delivery Nurse. I used to pretend to deliver babies with my dollies when I was a child. I was a bit precocious, I guess and knew which place the babies emerged from.

When did you have your first kiss, and who with?

Let’s see…that would probably be Dylan O’Malley, out behind his Da’s sheep barn. I was ten and he was twelve. I let him kiss me and then, when he tried to grope my chest, I kneed him in the nuts. After that, he got caught in a sheep stampede. He had it coming. I was so mad when I ran across the field to get away from him, I might have frightened the sheep. Poor guy is frightened of sheep to this day.

What are your views on sex?

That you should do it as much as possible if it’s consensual and fun for all. Why not? It feels good.

How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings in the company of others?

(laughs) Ask anyone. I’ll tell you the truth, I will, and I won’t spare your feelings if its something that needs to be said. I’m not cruel. Simply practical.

Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?

If a conflict needs to be had, I won’t back away. It’s not like I go sporting for a fight, though. I just won’t back away from one if it’s inevitable.

What shocks or offends you?

There’s not much on this planet that can shock or offend me. I can’t think of anything. Except maybe the prejudice and racism that some people carry around, like they’re so perfect they can afford to judge another by skin tone or income or some such. I find that offensive. We’re all little snowflakes, after all.


Author: Calinda B
Narrator: Alex Black
Length: 8 hours
Publisher: Calinda B⎮2020
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Series: The Bloodstone Quadrilogy, Book 1
Release date: Oct. 17, 2020

Synopsis: Revenge can be bloody. Vampires are deadly.

A number one best seller in Vampire suspense and mystery suspense!

I’m Lassi Finn, and I just want to get back to Dublin – unfortunately, there’s a score of murders preventing me from ever returning to my normal life.

I came to a small town in Ireland to bury a loved one, but now I’m caught up in a mystery of the supernatural kind. Three mutilated bodies show up on my doorstep before I even have time for tea, and the local detective knows more about me than he should. Not to mention the local priest is hotter than hell…oh, and did I mention he seems to glow, and not in the normal, “happy to see me” manner?

The killer isn’t just cold-blooded. She’s cold-hearted, literally. And I’m about to be her next victim.  Either that, or go down for murder.

The beginning of a steamy, dark fantasy series, Grave Stones is the first book in the edgy and quirky Bloodstone Quadrilogy. Listeners will experience thrills, romance, and sexy nights while investigating the mystery of the monster who inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula.





About the Author: Calinda B

A New York Times, USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling, award-winning author, Calinda B writes kick-ass heroines who don’t know their own strength. When she’s not writing, she’s been known to fall off ice cliffs; fire walk with Eastern Europe fire officials; or wake up from a six weeks coma, wondering how she got there in the first place. She’s been stuck in currents at Deception Pass in her kayak, and loves to swim with sharks. She greets every day with gratitude and an openness to what might be around the next corner.

She’s also an EMT serving her local community as a volunteer. Her tagline is, “Let’s go save some lives!”

With umpteen books roaming the universe and more in her head, you can find her at Or, if you want to stay connected, join the exclusive mailing list!



About the Narrator: Alex Black

Alex Black is an articulate, engaging, and versatile narrator based in Cambridge, Vermont. He’s worked in theatre, film, audio production, and appeared on radio. As an accomplished audiobook producer with over 90 titles, he’s worked closely with independent authors and publishers.

He’s received more than 500 5 star reviews and specializes in Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Mystery & Thriller, LGBTQ+, and Memoirs.




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