Review: Witches of Keating Hollow (Books 1 – 4) by Deanna Chase

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Welcome to Keating Hollow, the village full of love, magic, and cupcakes, and where nothing is more important than family.



Soul of the Witch
(Witches of Keating Hollow Book 1)

At age eighteen, after a potion tragically backfired, Abby Townsend left Keating Hollow and her magic behind to find redemption. Ten years later, after being summoned by her family, she’s back. As soon as she drives into town, she’s already plotting her inevitable exit, but she can’t quite escape the pull of the tightly knit magical community or the soulful gaze of the one man she’s never forgotten. And when an eight-year old witch not only leads her back to her magic, but also steals her heart, Abby’s about to learn what it means to embrace the soul of a witch.

Heart of the Witch
(Witches of Keating Hollow Book 2)

There are only three things that were ever important to Noel Townsend—love, family, and magic. Two out of three aren’t bad. She’s blessed with a large close-knit family and her magic has never been stronger. But love? That ended three years ago when her husband walked out on her and her daughter and never looked back.

These days Noel only has room in her pieced-together heart for her six-year old daughter. But when Drew Baker shows up on the doorstep of her inn with news of her husband, fate has other plans. And so does Drew. If he can get past her defenses, Drew is going to do everything in his power to heal the heart of a witch.

Spirit of the Witch
(Witches of Keating Hollow Book 3)
Kindle Unlimited

Yvette Townsend’s life was perfect…right up until her husband fell in love with someone else. Newly divorced and still reeling from her broken dreams, Yvette’s sworn off men. Now she’s determined to lose herself in her magic and her beloved bookstore. There’s only one problem—she has an unexpected new business partner who’s driving her crazy both at work and after hours.

Jacob Burton has always been an excellent businessman, but his track record with relationships is nothing short of tragic. After finding his fiancée in the arms of his best friend, he moves to Keating Hollow and invests the quaint bookstore to keep it from going under. But as time goes on, it becomes more and more clear that Yvette and the town just might be saving him. And if he’s lucky, he’ll find out what it means to love the spirit of the witch.

Dreams of the Witch
(Witches of Keating Hollow Book 4)
Kindle Unlimited

Faith Townsend’s life is going exactly as planned. The spa she recently opened is thriving and she has a handsome new man in her life. But when she receives a letter from the mother who walked out on her when she was just five years old, Faith’s perfect world is turned upside down.

Hunter Mccormick has spent the last ten years on the move, trying to outrun his demons. But now that he’s found Keating Hollow and Faith Townsend, he’s determined to make the town his home. Life is good right up until old secrets are revealed, and Hunter is in danger of losing the only person he’s ever cared about. Hunter will have to find a way to re-earn Faith’s trust if he wants to be the one to fulfill the dreams of the witch.

The Witches of Keating Hollow series has been a blast. I’ve been devouring the books off Kindle Unlimited. 

I just love the small town of Keating Hollow. It’s a wonderful magical community where everyone knows everyone and what’s going on. Each book in the series brings us a new couple to enjoy as well as new drama and emotional struggles. I just love the light magical feel and the heartfelt romances. This series is full of facing what life throughs at us, healing oneself, finding love and family and friendships. 

Soul of the Witch

This book captured me. I was drawn into the suspense surrounding Abby and why she left Keating Hollow. I enjoyed how the author kept us in the dark until it was time to tell us why she left her home town. There is a lot of emotion and a second chance at love. I felt for Abby and Clay who after years apart are finally finding each other. Its full of magic, healing, and heart. 

Rated: 4 Stars

Heart of the Witch

Another charming read. I was drawn into the emotional issues that Noel, Abby’s sister and Drew had to deal with. Theirs a little drama and trying to find a way to moving on. Noel and Drew found what they needed to heal in each other. We also get another adorable kid featured. I love kids when they are portrayed just right and the author did that in Noel’s daughter. Its full of magic, family, friends and love.

Rated: 4 Stars

Spirit of the Witch

Another delightful read. This series is an emotional roller coaster rid, but its also got so much love, family and friendship. We are onto the another Townsend sister, Yvette, the oldest. We get to see into her life and the struggle she is dealing with in her resent divorce to a man she loved and gave the best years of her life too only to find out…… Well I’m not going to spoil that surprise and all the other fun ones along the way. Join the journey into a delightful series, a quaint town, loving family and friends and finding that forever someone. 

Rated: 4 Stars

Dreams of the Witch

Another emotional read. This one doesn’t disappoint. This one features the youngest Townsend sister, Faith. When mom reaches out to the youngest life changes and the sisters have to deiced what they will do. It features abandonment, addiction, loss, orphans and foster families. Theirs plenty of surprises, drama and a few laughs. The romance has its bumpy moments and secrets, but Hunter works hard to earn Faith’s trust again. It’s got great friendship and family love. Plus a lovely small town full of magic.

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I’ve enjoyed this author, and have added these to my KU list 🙂

    • Hope you enjoy. I like this series. It’s cute and fun.

  2. Oh great! I was really curious about these!
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    • It’s nice series. Fun and cute.

  3. I haven’t read this author either although I have some freebies! It’s great to see you liked it.
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    • Fun and cute series.

  4. I can’t believe I haven’t read any of Deanna Chase’s books yet. I do love the way you describe the sisters and the town in this set.
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    • This has been a really fun series. It’s light-heart, warm, sweet, and the town is small and fun with a touch of magic. I love coming back to Keating Hollow. I haven’t read the spin-off with is the Christmas Town, but it’s on my TBR and up next now that I’m caught up on all the latests releases for this series. Hope you enjoy!