Review: Alien Commander’s Mate (Warriors of the Lathar #6) by Mina Carter

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Alien Commander's Mate Book Cover Alien Commander's Mate
Warriors of the Lathar #6
Mina Carter
Science Fiction Romance - Erotica
August 28, 2018


Warring aliens destroyed her home, with her in it. Now she’s married to one...

Alone, ill, and with nothing left to tie her to Earth, Amanda will do anything to track down her daughters… even take an alien warrior’s crazy deal. It doesn’t hurt that said alien is tall, handsome as hell and makes her body sing as soon as he looks at her.

But Fenriis isn’t the only warrior who has eyes for Amanda. While her ferocious mate is busy fighting off an outside enemy, it’s one within who may steal their happily ever after.

He’s breaking the rules by being on her planet. But he’ll risk the wrath of the Emperor to make her his.

After an attack, Fenriis is forced to go down to the surface to make sure no enemy forces remain. A veteran warrior born and bred for war, even his heart isn’t hard enough to ignore the delicate female he finds in the ruins of her home.

She’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and all she wants is to find her adult children. How can he refuse to help… especially when she agrees to be his mate in return?

But sometimes the worst attack comes from the last place you’d expect. Forced to fight off her people and his, can he find her before it’s too late?


Fenriis, war commander of the K’Vass and feared warrior of the black sands, found himself sitting on the edge of his own bed, a human female’s tiny feet in his lap as he gently rubbed them.19% Alien Commander's Mate

Alien Commander’s Mate is book six in the Warriors of the Lathar series. 

I recommend reading this series in order. This one features Amanda who’s daughters where taken by the Lathar. Having that background before this story helps. 

Amanda is a strong heroine. She’s not well and her daughters where taken by aliens, but that doesn’t stop her from living, finding them, and attacking Fenriis when he shows himself. 

Fenriis is War Commander. He was sent on a task by his Emperor. Once he hears her voice he knows that she is for him. Now he must convince her and one way to get her to come along is to make a bargain that will help her see her children again and give him more time with her. 

I had a blast with this one. The Lathar are kind, thoughtful to their females, and brilliant, but there are a few bad apples. I enjoyed the plot and characters. We get great witty dialogue, some suspense, and romance. 

Alien Commander’s Mate was another entertaining read. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I’ve read some of her paranormal, but not her sci-fi. This does look good.

    • I’ve also read some of her paranormal, but I seem to drift more towards her sci-fi. I like that they are quick and not hard core reads like most of the books I like to read. It’s nice to just have a fun easy enjoyable read. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. I’m glad this one was so enjoyable since you bought it.
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    • It’s a silly fun enjoyable series. Their those I like more then others in the series, but they are nice just to get away for a few hours since they are quick reads. Thank’s for visiting.