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Demons in the Bedroom
(Paranormal House Flippers #1)
by Lidiya Foxglove

Have you inherited a creepy old house that needs updated bathroom tiles, a new kitchen, and an exorcism?

Call me: Helena Nicolescu, the best house flipper witch on the east coast.

But I have to admit, I might be in over my head this time. I bought “Lockwood House” at an auction, and the magical community definitely knew something was up, because my rivals were all in on it, including Jake and Jasper, the infuriating wolf shifter twins who think they’re so much better at renovations than me. I overpaid and now I’m stuck with a mess. Floors caving in, 70s carpeting, and…the ghost of an incubus who won’t stop flirting with me while I’m trying to demo.

That’s not the only problem. The former owner’s son seems to be drawn to the place against his own will. My witch radar is going off big time, telling me he has demon blood coursing through his own veins. And the wolves must smell trouble in the air, because they keep sniffing around too. I’ll definitely never tell them that I keep uncovering disconcerting artifacts throughout the house. And more than anything, I won’t admit that they both look pretty good in a tool belt. Why does this house seem like it’s calling trouble to the doorstep?

I have eight weeks to get this done and then I’m putting this mansion on the market and moving on.

This is a medium-burn reverse harem romance!
Wolves at the Door
(Paranormal House Flippers #2)
by Lidiya Foxglove
Kindle Unlimited

Since I walked away from my rich and royal family and became a house flipper of haunted and magical homes, life was nice and simple. Until I met Byron, the sexy ghost of an incubus… with some intriguing secrets. Now I’m in possession of one of the most dangerous magical artifacts in the world…although I’m still figuring out exactly what it does. What I do know is that I don’t want this in the hands of the corrupt magical council.

It’s not just me tangled up in this. There is also Graham, another sexy incubus who had no idea of his true origins, and the Sullivan twins, two scruffy and charming werewolf contractors. We’re planning to buy Greenwood Manor and find the next artifact before the wizard council does.

But talk about a wrench in the works. We get to Louisiana just to find a rival witch buying the old southern mansion right out from under us! I have a bit of a history with Billie Pruitt, but it seems like she might need us as much as we need this house, so me and my crew will have to find a way to work with her and keep our enemies at bay…

Paranormal House Flippers is the second book of a medium burn reverse harem trilogy.

Phantom of the Library
(Paranormal House Flippers #3)
by Lidiya Foxglove
Kindle Unlimited

This is the most important house flip I’ve ever done. It’s a gorgeous California home by a known architect, it contains the final piece of the map we need to unite the magical realms, and the body of Byron, my demigod ghost, is supposedly here. That’s a lot on one girl’s plate.

Of course, no home renovation is without surprises. In this case we have a whole slew of nosy old wizard neighbors, a lonely undine who lives in the pool and won’t leave, 1970s decor worthy of the Brady Bunch, and my struggles not to get distracted by Byron, Graham, Jake and Jasper and get stuff done. But the biggest surprises come when we unite the magical realms for the first time in a thousand years and bring Byron to life…a begin to uncover a dark truth about wizard’s familiars.

We thought they were faithful companions, but it appears that part of the reason for breaking the realms apart was to bind them to our side. Now, they’re free and the wizard councils aren’t happy about it, to say the least. My cousin Piers is determined to undo my work, and my royal blood might be the only thing that can stop him—but at what cost?

Paranormal House Flippers series is my first taste of Lidiya Foxglove. I watch a lot of the house flipping shows on HGTV and when I read the blurb well it sounded cute. I had a great time with this three book series.


Demons in the Bedroom is book one. The cover and blurb made this one sound like fun. I liked the idea and concept of house flippers. It was a cute concept and the book delivers on the flipping side of things. 

It features our main character Helena who is a house flipper. In this one she finds a mysterious item in her house and that leads to a mystery. We don’t complete the mystery until the final book, but we do get a decent start. 

We are introduced to a verity of characters and we get to see what wizard houses are like. We meet the love interests and get a feel for them. It is a reverse harm romance (still being established). The romance is subtle and the focus is on the house renovations and the mystery behind the magical object. 

This was an enjoyable and fun read.

Rated: 3 Stars


Wolves at the Door is book two. We continue our story with Helena finding another house to flip and her friends coming to help. 

We get some interesting developments and twists in this novel. The mystery continues to develop and we still don’t know what the item does that they find, but we have hints. We also get another fun house flip too. 

The romance is progressing and this is where the reverse harem aspect comes into play. We get to know more about the characters and see their relationships deep’n. We have Bryon who is a ghost, but something else. Graham who is trying to come to terms with who he is. And, then we have the Sullivan twins. I liked how Bryon talks with Graham and guides him a bit. I like the twins a lot. They are hard workers, down to earth and genuinely care for Helen. Helena is slowly warming up to the idea of having more than one man. I like how the author has Helena taking her time in deciding if this is for her. We get a fun scene where she talks to her brother Harris about his relationship. We see she’s unsure and wants to know how it works.

The author gives the reader a few chapters in the guys points of view too. This helps use get a better feeling for them and what they are thinking. I like that we get this POV.

This was another enjoyable and fun read.

Rated: 3 Stars


Phantom of the Library is book three and the final book in the Paranormal House Flippers.

We continue our story with Helena, her four men, and another couple, Billie and Gaston. They are a tight kit group and they have another house to flip plus they still have to find the last piece to the magical item they have been finding. 

There are big events that happen in this book and lots of plot-lines. One plot features the familiars and another talks about the magical item and what it does and how it changes the world. Then we have the house flipping which felt like a bit of an afterthought in this one. All the plot-lines felt like they where coming out of nowhere. 

This one wasn’t what I expected. A few scenes felt a tad rushed and lacking impact. The big showdown at the end was interesting, but underwhelming. It was weird. It does set up for a spin-off series featuring side characters. 

We see the romance turn into a reverse hare in this book with them managing their relationships. We get scenes with each guy and also scene with all of them working together in and out of the bedroom. 

This one focus more on the paranormal part than on the house flipping. I’m still a bit confused about some of the stuff, but it was a satisfying ending. 

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. That does like a fun premise with it being paranormal and house flippers. Not a big fan of RH, but I do try them now and then. Glad it was a good series.
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    • I’m the same, not a big fan of RH, but I do pick them up every now and then. The house flipping premise was fun. I’d like to find more in that area with the paranormal aspect and romance/mystery. Thank’s for visiting!