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Found this tag on a Great Read & she found it at The Infinite Limits of Love.  I’ve done another tag like this with different questions.  You can check it out here!


Would you rather only read physical books for the rest of your life or only audiobooks?

Physical Books


Would you rather know all the spoilers before you start a book or never read the last chapter?

Know all the spoilers!!!  I can’t handle it if I read the whole book and never get the last chapter.  This reminds me of an episode in M*A*S*H (The Light That Failed) when the gang got a mystery book and the last chapter was missing, and everyone was speculating on who done it ^_^!


Would you rather read a book with a really bad ending or a book where your favorite character is killed off?

A bad ending.


Would you rather love a book everyone hates or hate a book everyone loves?

Hate a book everyone loves.


Would you rather read books by your favorite author but they’re all really bad or read books by an author you hate but they’re all really good.

Read books by an author I dislike.


Would you rather only ever read contemporary books for the rest of your life or fantasy?

Fantasy.  I love fantasy.  Contemporary is ok, but I have such a hard time with it.


Would you rather own a signed edition or a first edition?

First Edition.  I’m not big on getting signed books.  They are nice, but not a must.


Would you rather never be able to borrow a book from the library again or never reread your favorite book?

Reread my favorite book.  I LOVE my library and borrowing.  I can’t go without that, but I could go without rereading even though I love to reread. 


Would you rather spend the day in your favorite fictional world but never meet your favorite character, or spend the day as the villain and try to attack/kill that favorite character?

I’d like spending the day in my favorite fictional world and never meeting my favorite character. 


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  1. What a great tag! It really made you make some tough choices at times. 🙂 Enjoyed your answers, Angela. Most of my answers would have been the same as yours.
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    • Ya this Would You Rather tag had tough choices. I had to stop and really think what my choices would be. Thank’s for visiting!