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Found this tag at a GREAT read and she found it at Cornerfolds.


A Book You Feel You Need to Read Because Everyone Talks About It

I’ve herd a lot of good things about this book and I like the cover. I’ve got it on my TBR, but who knows if or when I’ll get to it. 


A Book That’s Really Long

Coming in at 608 pages long we’ve got Lover At Last. This is the last BDB book I read. I enjoyed the earlier books, but by this point things where getting complicated. Too many story plot lines and stuff not finished. I did plan to read The King, but never did.


A Book That You’ve Owned/Had on Your TBR for Too Long

I won this collection in paperback years ago back when the blog was just starting, 2014. I finally read the 1st book in, but wasn’t impressed. Not sure if I’ll read on. 


A Book That’s Required Reading
(eg. school text, popular classic–something you feel obligated to read)

This is one of the classic’s I’ve got on my TBR to read. One day!


A Book That Intimidates You 

It’s not the book that intimidates me. It’s the World! Their are over 40 some books in this series/world. That’s a big commitment if I end up enjoying the book/series. The Hunters Legends Series (previously named the Entire Dark Hunterverse) has several series that tie-in and overlap the whole series.
Those are:
* Dark-Hunters series
* Dream-Hunters series
* Were-Hunters series
* Hellchasers series
* Lords of Avalon series
* Dragons Rising Trilogy series


A Book That You Think Might Be Slow

I listened to this one and man was it slow… I’m glad I listened other wise this one would have taken forever to get through.


A Book You Need to Be in the Right Mood For

Any book I read I need to be in the right mood for. I am a MOOD reader, but I’d say that the Cozy Mysteries or Holiday genres are ones I need to be in the mood for.


A Book You’re Unsure if You Will Like

Any Contemporary Romance I’ve got on my TBR I’m always unsure about. I find that I enjoy the CR genre better in audio and that’s how I try to read them. I’ve not tried B.J. Daniels yet, but I’ve got this one on my to try list. 


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6 comments on “I Want To… But I Don’t Book Tag

  1. One that everyone loves/reads is “required” that I haven’t read and probably never will: Outlander!
    Jen recently posted…Tell Me Something Tuesday: May 4, 2021My Profile

    • Ah yes, Outlander. I’ll never read that one, but it’s big. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. I love that Sherrilyn Kenyon series. So good!
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Happy Raturday!My Profile

    • That’s great you love her series. Where do I start? Which one is first? ^_^

  3. I love book tags to learn more about your book likes and what you’ve got. 🙂 That Sherrilyn Kenyon world is intimidating to me, too.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Danger by Number by Heather GrahamMy Profile

    • Yes Kenyon’s world is intimidating. I’m not sure where to start. Which is first? Book tags are fun to see what ppl like or don’t. Thank’s for visiting!