Review: Bonded To The Alien Centurion (Warriors of the Lathar #7) by Mina Carter

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Bonded To The Alien Centurion Book Cover Bonded To The Alien Centurion
Warriors of the Lathar #7
Mina Carter
Science Fiction Romance
February 26, 2019


She’s behind enemy lines. Being claimed by an alien warrior is not on her agenda.

When talks with the Lathar start to fail Dani finds herself in a situation every soldier dreads… a diplomatic mission. Alone on the alien ship without backup, she must play nice, rescue a VIP, and somehow get them both back to her own ship without causing a diplomatic incident that could result in the annihilation of the human race.

She didn’t count on one hot as hell alien warrior. Tall, silver-haired and handsome, he’s her escort for the evening and makes her want things she shouldn’t want from an alien, no matter how sexy he is. When a conversation goes bad she finds herself in an alien challenge circle fighting for her freedom. She’s got it handled… until her sexy, and lethal, alien steps into the ring, intent on making her his.

The moment he saw her, he vowed he’d claim her as his mate.

Assigned to escort a visiting human dignitary for a diplomatic function, Sardaan is the envy of his shipmates. But that’s not all he’s been assigned to do… with females still in short supply, he’s under orders to charm the delicate human into accepting his claim. A duty Sardaan is more than happy to carry out.

A simple display of combat prowess becomes a challenge fight. He must step into the ring against the beautiful human to claim her before another does. But once he’s beaten her, claiming her by latharian law, he realises his battle has only just begun…

She doesn’t see the claiming fight quite the same way and he finds himself in a new battle, this time for her heart. Can he make his stubborn little mate see that they belong together? Or will forces conspire in the shadows and steal any chance of happiness they have before it’s even begun?


Bonded To The Alien Centurion is book seven in the Warriors of the Lathar series by Mina Carter.

It was enjoyable to a point. Not my favorite and not one I’ll read again. By this point the series is starting to feel a bit old. Nothing new or refreshing happens and we still don’t have a deal or conclusion with the humans.

As for the romance we have Sardaan a Lathar Warrior and Dani a Human Solider. It was the same old same old struggle of back and fourth, where the human women is like no I don’t want a mate and the male is yes you are mine. They’re where too many scenes with Dani struggling and then she gives in so easily. She also lost her badness. As for our Lathar Warrior he started out nice, but then became a dick. Also there where too many close areas that could be considered forced sex or almost rape. This romance didn’t work for me.

Overall I’ve enjoyed the series, but Bonded To The Alien felt flat and didn’t progress the series forward at all. It’s just another version of the human fighting the bond.

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. I’ve never tried Mina Carter, though I’ve seen her books around. And you know I love alien romance. I really should give this series a try. Wonderful review.
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    • I’ve tried a few of her different series. This series Warriors of the Larthar is the one I’ve read the farthest in. I do enjoy alien romance. Thanks’ for visiting!