Review: Hampton (Wild Mustang Security Firm #0.5) by Delta James (DNF)

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Hampton Book Cover Hampton
Wild Mustang Security Firm #0.5
Delta James
Erotica - BDSM - Western Contemporary
November 8, 2020


He loves the chase...

John Hampton is a US Marshal on the way home from an extended fugitive retrieval assignment. When he stops in at his favorite steakhouse he finds that what he wants most … isn’t on the menu.

Mandy Adams wasn't looking for love, least of all at work. She's not only surprised at John's attention but also her quickly developing feelings. John is on the fast-track to claiming Mandy as his own, but Mandy balks at the bossy marshal and flees when her feelings for him threaten to overwhelm her.

Apparently, she isn’t aware that a marshal’s tenacity in running down a target isn’t limited only to fugitives, but to naughty females as well. He soon has both sets of her cheeks blushing from his attention.

But when the chase is over, will Mandy still be able to resist his brand of courtship?


Hampton is the prequel to the Wild Mustang Security Firm by Delta James.

The first few chapters were promising, a kickers woman putting an arrogant loser in his place and a hot US Marshall coming to her defense, but then things changed fast.

Things go from promising to not quick. I didn’t care that our hot Marshall turned into a dominant caveman. With what little I read it don’t feel romantic just forced dominance. John spoke to Mandy like a child and spanked her ass. Their is nothing wrong with BDSM, but this was not to my taste. I didn’t like how the dynamics changed and the way John treated such an independent women. I just couldn’t read on and I stopped at 26%. 

Hampton was not the book for me. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you. 

Rated: DNF 26%

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  1. Yeah, in D/s romances, I like to see that submissiveness is a choice and holds the power of having choice even when they submit otherwise it just feels like bullying to me when I read it.

    • I agree with you.