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Dead Calm
by Annie Anderson
(Grave Talker, #3)
Publication date: June 29th 2021
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

There’s not enough coffee or tacos in the world to deal with Darby Adler’s family.

If it’s not her death-dealing father, her back-from-the-dead mother, or her ghost grandfather, it’s her long-lost siblings and their bid for power.

With the ABI radio silent and her siblings to find, Darby’s got a major problem on her hands—especially when the local coven figures out that her father is no longer bound.

Can Haunted Peak, TN handle this family reunion?

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[su_note note_color=”#f5dff9″ radius=”4″]“Take care of him, will you? This is…” I trailed off, letting my gaze drift over everything. “This is a lot.”

“It’s a lot for you, too, kid.” He said it gently, even though he likely knew it would earn him a frown. “Yeah, yeah. Emotions are for the weak,” he muttered, pulling me into a quick squeeze. “Give the new medical examiner hell, will you?”

I pushed back to look Cap in the eye.

“That douche canoe is the new ME?” I hissed under my breath, affronted on every level. Who in the high holy hell had thought that was a good idea? The poor guy didn’t look old enough to vote, let alone do the job he was solidly fucking up just at a glance.

Cap inclined his head before giving me a gentle slug to the shoulder. “Do me proud.”

I expected the smile on my face could rival The Grinch in evilness.

“That’s my girl. Let Cooper know he’s lead, will you?”

Nodding in answer, I took off in the direction of the crowd, it, too, parting like the one outside the cemetery but for a vastly different reason. As the reigning queen of pranking on staff at the Haunted Peak Police Department, I was feared on every level, but no more so than when it came to fucking up crime scenes. Usually, I was a live and let live kind of gal, but all it took to make me a raging bitch from the depths of Satan’s anus was to jack with one of my scenes.

Sal took one look at me and sent a pitying glance at the poor shmuck kneeling over the deceased. I thought I heard a muttered “Good luck” before he shook his head. I gave him a wink, and the aging detective shot me a smile, likely happy as hell it wasn’t him on the receiving end of my wrath this time.

I let my gaze fall to the body, zeroing in on the woman’s face that was pulled into the waxy mask of death. My gut pitched as I studied her features, my mind trying desperately to make them anything but what they appeared to be.

X’s note was correct.

My mother most definitely would not be able to help me anymore.[/su_note]


[su_note note_color=”#eceaed” text_color=”#000000″]

Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, an old man of a dog, and a young pup that makes life… interesting.

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