ARC Review: Hunt of the Dragon (Vale of Stars #4) by Juliette Cross

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Hunt of the Dragon Book Cover Hunt of the Dragon
Vale of Stars #4
Juliette Cross
Paranormal Romance
June 7, 2021


Photojournalist Krissa Nadeem ventures into the wilderness to record the destruction by the Larkosian army. When she captures on film the Morgon Guard’s top most wanted enemy in hiding, she sets in motion a journey that will change her life forever. Not just because of the secret she uncovers, but also because of the man who will become her protector. And more.

Bowen Huntergild, stealthy and deadly assassin, is at the head of the task force searching for the Bloodback witch who killed his sister in a blood sacrifice. When Krissa turns in her finding on film, he teams with her to discover the witch's hideout in the wilds beyond Drakos. While he focuses on the job, his dragon stirs, warning him that destiny has more intimate plans.

What neither of them realize is that this one photograph could be the salvation or the doom of them all.


Hunt of the Dragon is book four and the final book in the Vale of Stars series by Juliette Cross. 

Its been a while since we had a book in the Vale of Stars series. I jumped right back in and enjoyed ever moment. We finally complete the overall ARC that was started at the beginning of the series with the resurrection of Larkos the Blood King. We get to see the prophecy play out and along the way we get a sweet and lovely romance between a Morgan and human. 

I was be spelled from the very first page to the last. I love returning to the Morgan world of half dragon/half human hybrids. I just love dragons!

Krissa is a journalist and she wants to get pictures of the destruction Larkos arm is doing, so she convinces her guard to leave the safety of Gladium. She captures something that will change her fate and the lives of those in this world. 

Bowen is a hunter. He’s been on the hunt for the sorceress/priestess who killed his sister in a blood sacrifice and he also wants to destroy Larkos army for what they did to both of his sisters. He wants vengeance, but fate has other plans for him. 

Krissa and Bowen are strangers when they start their journey, yet as with all Morgan kind, they know at once when they find their mate. Krissa does feel this connection/pull toward Bowen and since her best friend is mated to a Morgan she has an inkling of what it could mean. 

I have read every book in this world from the original Nightwing Trilogy to the Vale of Stars. I have enjoyed the characters and this world immensely. I do hope we can return to this world one day, but if this is truly the end I am satisfied. Juliette cross has take me on a wonderful journey. 

Hunt of the Dragon is full of surprises, action, and twists. We get a wonderful build up to the final epic showdown of good versus evil. I highly recommend both the Nightwing and Vale of the Stars series; especially if you are a dragon lover. 

Rated: 4 Stars

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Juliette Cross with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed her books before, but dragons? I must check these out. Glad you were able to slip right back in after waiting for this last one.

    • I enjoy Juliette Cross’s work. She’s creative and writes a verity of things, but I will always be partial to her dragons. ^_^ Thank’s for visiting!

  2. a photojounalist and a dragon….oh yeah, sounds good to me
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    • ^_^ It’s a great read and a nice ending to the overall arc. Thanks for visiting!