ARC Review: The Adversary (Elder Races #9.95)(Chronicles of Rhyacia #2) by Thea Harrison

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The Adversary Book Cover The Adversary
(Elder Races #9.95)(Chronicles of Rhyacia #2)
Thea Harrison
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy - Novella
Teddy Harrison LLC
July 26, 2021


From NYT bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the explosive conclusion to The Unseen!

When Dragos and Pia move to the Other land of Rhyacia, they hope starting a new life will bring safety and freedom to their family, especially their young baby, Niall. And at first their new home seems perfect… but looks are deceiving.

Beneath Rhyacia’s idyllic façade an ancient, malevolent force lurks, waiting for the right opportunity to break free of its cage. When that opportunity comes, it strikes with devastating accuracy.

While Dragos has never backed down from a fight, he’s also never encountered an enemy like this one before. How can he fight a foe who doesn’t have a body? A foe who can invade and turn his own mind against him?

How can Dragos protect his family, when at any moment one of them may become the enemy?

As Dragos and Pia race against time to fight this unseen menace, they must also acknowledge a terrifying truth—when anyone can become the enemy, no one can be trusted.

An adversary who can trap the dragon poses a threat to everyone in Rhyacia, and that means no one is safe…

***This book does NOT end on a cliffhanger***


The Adversary continues were The Unseen left off. Its a novella in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison. 

In The Unseen we ended on a cliffhanger, but with The Adversary it wraps up the story ARC that was started in The Unseen. 

This novella switches between Pia and Dragos POV. We see Pia trying to keep it together thou she does lose it now and then and we see Dragos trying to fight the Adversary. We see how devious this adversary is that has possessed Dragos and that no one is safe from this foe. 

I enjoyed the story, concluding the ARC, and diving back into the world. I also love seeing old characters make appearances. If you haven’t read previous books in the series then you will be lost on who all these characters are and their relationships. 

There was only one thing that bothered me. It was the role all the old characters played in the overall ARC. Yes, they are powerful. Yes, they are friends and family. Yet, the only role I see with them showing up in these two novellas was to maybe add moral support for Dragos and Pia and to help if things go bad. I like that they show up, but they didn’t add to the story or do anything, but add there two cents. It felt like the author was trying to cram all these previous characters in, just to please the fans. 

I appreciated this novella and like visiting with Pia and Dragos, but I feel it’s time to put closer on them and let them have their HEA. I feel its time to explore other characters. 

The Adversary is full of twists, turns, action, and adventure. If you enjoy a vast expanding world and unique intelligent characters then I recommend the Elder Races series. 

Rated: 3.5 Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Thea Harrison via with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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4 comments on “ARC Review: The Adversary (Elder Races #9.95)(Chronicles of Rhyacia #2) by Thea Harrison

  1. Wonderful review! I also felt the author was maybe trying too hard by brining in all the other characters. I enjoyed the story overall
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…Read-along & Giveaway: Kiss of Snow by Nalini SinghMy Profile

    • I like revisiting old characters, but ya it was a bit much and they just didn’t feel like they did much. I agree with your statement. Overall it was good. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. Love your review except leaving Dragos and Pias world. We have Liam and Niall yet to see how it turns out. Will Pia and Nialls secret shapeshifter form be reveilled?

    • I like that Dragos and Pia are taking a step back, venturing out into a new world and letting Liam take over the Wyr demise. I think its important for Pia and Nialls shapeshifter side to be a secret and only those close get to know. If others new they would be hunted, even if Dragos is the Mate and Father, ppl and other Wyr would still hunt them. I’m curious to see where Ms. Harrison goes from here and if we get to see the other side characters after their storylines. Thanks Jennlor for visiting.