ARC Review: Witches Get Stitches (Stay a Spell #3) by Juliette Cross

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Witches Get Stitches Book Cover Witches Get Stitches
Stay a Spell #3
Juliette Cross
Paranormal Romance
July 20, 2021


Get ready for a fun, flirty paranormal romance in the STAY A SPELL world:

  • Friends to lovers
  • Protective alpha werewolf
  • Snarky, potty-mouthed witch
  • Loads of pining
  • Low angst, high humor
  • Super steamy (and a magical supply closet)

Violet Savoie has a plan. A dream, rather. To open her own tattoo shop, which caters to supernaturals in need of permanent charms. As a powerful Seer, she has the potent magic to cast every kind of spell. Except the kind to give werewolves control over their beastly side. And her business partner Nico needs help in the worst kind of way.

Nico Cruz has a secret. A motive, rather. To subtly stalk and seduce Violet until she finally recognizes they are fated to be together. Ever since their heated encounter in Austin on New Year's Eve two years earlier, he's been dying to get his hands--and his tongue--back on her body. He knows a woman like Violet can't be courted in the usual way. Luckily, Nico has no scruples about misbehaving to get what he wants.

But when his former pack roams into town, and an old friend is far too interested in Violet, his focus shifts to the threat venturing into his territory. Nico may come across as the quiet, broody one, but the intruders are about to regret stepping foot in New Orleans. And when Violet goes missing, no charm or spell can keep Nico's wolf at bay.


Witches Get Stitches is book three in the Stay a Spell series by Juliette Cross. This is Nico and Violet’s novel.

Violet is one of six Savoie sisters and is also a twin. She’s a Divine Seer. She’s worked at her family’s bar to save up money to open up her own tattoo parlor. She’s a witch who has no interest in settling down; especially with a sexy werewolf.

Nico is a werewolf who was part of a pack in Austin. He needed a fresh start after a bad incident and when he meets Violet it gave him that little push to go. He and his wolf knew what Violet is to them and both will wait for as long as it takes for her to figure it out.

These two dance around each other. They are friends and business partners. Nico is playing the long game. He knows Violet is stubborn and won’t give in easy. Violet wants more and she’s been struggling with her attraction to Nico since the moment he stepped back into her life. I was impressed with Nico’s will power and patients and I can’t believe how long Violet held out either. These two had some explosive sexual tension! When it looks like things are going in the right direction Nico’s old pack from Auction shows up and trouble follows.

This was another fun addition to the series. I loved all the limericks and rhyming. The author had me laughing out loud and smiling. We get to see previous couples and we also get to know Livvy and Clara better. I also loved Fred, Violet’s bow tie wearing rooster. And, last we finally get to learning a bit about the ever mysterious supernaturals the Grims.

Witches Get Stitches is full of fun creative characters, sexual tension, magic, and romance. I can’t wait for the next book.

Rated: 4 Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Juliette Cross via NetGally with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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    • I agree! ^_^ Thanks for visiting.

  2. I so want to read this series.

    • It’s fun. Hope you enjoy!

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    • I like the covers too. It’s a fun series. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love the titles of this series. It sounds like one I would enjoy. Thanks.
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    • The titles are fun and the covers are colorful. I think both fit the series and characters in each book. If you do read. I hope you enjoy.

  5. I love the whimsy from the titles and the humor and the worldbuilding of the series sounds great. Glad the romance worked out well even if she did hold off a long time.
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    • This series is whimsical, fun, and cute. I have been enjoying each novel and I do so love the covers. Thanks for visiting!