Review: Hitched to the Alien General (Warriors of the Lathar #8) by Mina Carter

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Hitched to the Alien General Book Cover Hitched to the Alien General
Warriors of the Lathar #8
Mina Carter
Science Fiction Romance
June 18, 2019


Her perfect man is a big, scarred alien war hero. Pity he only see’s her as a warrior, not a woman...

Kenna Reynolds loves life in the Imperial Court. The latharian culture fascinates her, and she values the friendships she’s made amongst the sentinel women, most bonded to Latharian males, and a few with babies on the way. She wants that, but the male she wants—Xaandril, the emperor’s champion—barely seems to notice her as a woman. As a warrior yes, but she’s begun to lose all hope that he’ll ever see her as a woman...

She was his the moment he saw her. But how can he claim her when he’s less than half a warrior?

After losing his family years ago Xaandril, the emperor’s champion, never thought he’d find love again. When the first humans are discovered to be compatible, Xaan decides to leave finding a mate among them to younger males. But one of the humans, Kenna, won’t give up on him, not even when he’s grievously inured in battle.

It takes seeing her dancing with another warrior to get his ass into gear, but before he can claim her unusual readings in a far flung terran system have them heading on on a mission for the Emperor himself.

What they find is a disturbing debris field, a colony with more secrets than members and a hidden enemy. Can Xaan beat them all to save the woman he loves, or will he lose everything, including his heart, once again?


Hitched to the Alien General is book eight in the Warriors of the Lathar by Mina Carter.

This is one story I’ve been waiting for since book one. Xaandril and Kenna have been featured as minor roles and this is their time to shine. 

Xaandril is the Emperor’s personal bodyguard and Champion. Kenna is a Terran Marine and has been training the Lathar in Tarran hand to hand fighting. 

The Emperor requests that Xaandril and Kenna take a look at some unusual things out in Taran space. What they discover is another alien race bent on eating its victims alive and human pirates luring in unsuspecting travelers plus a few more surprises. 

Xaandril and Kenna have been dancing around each other and now they must work together and confront their attraction. I liked how this one played out. I also liked that it took most of the book for these two to become a couple. The romance and dance was well worth the wait. 

Hitched to the Alien General was another solid read full of mystery, suspense, action and romance. If you’re a SciFi Alien Romance fan then you might enjoy the Warriors of the Lathar series. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I’ll have to add this series to my ever growing wish list. This sounds good.
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    • Always happy to help add to that ever growing TBR ^_^.

  2. Love that there is some good action and suspense blended with the romance in this sci-fi.
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    • It’s been an enjoyable series. Thank you for visiting!