Scaredy Cat Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 1st – 15th

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Welcome to the Scaredy Cat Giveaway Hop


It’s the scaredy cat season and I thought I’d share some books with cat’s on the cover. 


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111 comments on “Scaredy Cat Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 1st – 15th

  1. I love dressing my kids up for Halloween and taking them trick or treating! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  2. I love the decorations.

  3. Scary movies are my favorite part of this season, it makes them scarier on Halloween!

  4. I like scary movies!

  5. I like the candy!

  6. I love the beautiful weather and spooky movies.

  7. I enjoy seeing how people decorate their yards and porches. It’s always fun to see kids and their creative costumes.

  8. I enjoy decorating for Halloween.

  9. Decorating and making a backdrop to do all the kiddos pics.

  10. I love everything about Spooky Season!

  11. Candy and watching the Halloween movies with my mom ❤

  12. I like all of the candies and cookies.

  13. I love the scary movies and the candy

  14. I like the scary movies.

  15. The candy and scary movies.

  16. I love all of the candy (day after Halloween is one of my favorite days) Thank you

  17. watching scary movies

  18. We love wathcing halloween movies together

  19. I love all of it – the candy, the movies, the spooky reads!!

  20. I love all the baking.

  21. Honestly, I really don’t like anything about halloween…it is my least favorite “holiday”….it is witches “high feast day”. Thanks and God Bless!

  22. I like all of it-especially decorating my house!

  23. I like the cooler weather and corn mazes

  24. I enjoy it getting darker earlier and the cooler weather.

  25. Candy would have to be the best part of the Halloween experience.

  26. I love passing out candy and eating the candy lol

  27. I love the candy and seeing little kids in their costumes.

  28. I like costumes, giving out candy, scary movies.

  29. I love the decorating as well as the dressing up. So fun!!

  30. I love taking my grandson to the pumpkin patch in October. Thank you so much for the opportunity!??

  31. I love the scary movies and costumes.

  32. What I love is decorating! We always do our yard up for the holidays. So much fun!

  33. I love everything about it but especially the movies.

  34. I like the candy

  35. I like that everyone shows spooky movies all month long. Current viewing: Deathcember!

  36. I like dressing up and handing out candy to trick or treaters!

  37. I love decorating the inside as well as the outside for Halloween. Our 2 grandsons love it.

  38. I love decorating for Halloween

  39. I do love all of the spooky movies that start to air as Halloween approaches. And the candy!

  40. I looove candy!!!!

  41. Love spooky movies and spooky hunted houses.

  42. I enjoy watching scary movies and reading horror book’s during Halloween time 🙂

  43. I love the crisp air and the cute little kids in their costumes.

  44. I love that spooky season is also my birthday, so I can throw halloween parties and they’ll also be birthday parties.

  45. I love the candy!

  46. Love Haolloween and seeing all the kids in their different costumes!

  47. Spooky movies and paranormal books!

  48. I love looking at costumes, taking out kids treat or treating, decorating and of course the candy.

  49. I love looking at all the creative costumes people come up with! I also like baking 🙂

  50. Books

  51. halloween movies are the absolute best!

  52. I love the atmosphere, the vibes of the season!

  53. I like going to the pumpkin patch.
    Thanks for the contest.

  54. I like the colors of the fall leaves

  55. I love pretty much everything about Halloween! I look forward to the new horror movies & decorating too.

  56. I enjoy the fall leaves.

  57. I love decorating for the spooky season and I love seeing all the great costumes.

  58. I love everything about it especially Jack-O-Lanterns. The only thing I don’t like are super gross and scary movies.

  59. I love the spooky decorations!

  60. I like how the neighborhoods all decorate for Halloween. The kids all love it.

  61. we do up the house make treats

  62. I like the decorating, and watching the kids have fun dressing up.

  63. Candy and zombie movies.

  64. i love watching halloween movies, but i also love taking my little one out for candy

  65. I like giving out candies to the little people.

    • I like decorating and taking my niece and nephews trick or treating.

  66. I enjoy the scary movies!

  67. We love to decorate for Halloween at our house.

  68. I love EVERYTHING about the spooky season! Especially Halloween decorations and scary movies 🙂

    (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  69. Candy

  70. I love that my wife puts out all the fall decorations in our home and outside.

  71. I love that the kids can dress up and have fun.

  72. My favorite thing about this time of year is taking the kids to haunted houses… It’s a blast!

  73. We love decorating the house for Halloween its so fun and looks great

  74. I like eating the candy.

  75. I like the horror movie marathons that come on all month.

  76. Decorations & the candy, definitely. 🙂

  77. We like decorating with lots of pumpkins and I enjoy watching my kids dressed up to go trick or treating.

  78. pumpkin spice

  79. I love the books and the candy.

  80. I like making costumes.

  81. I like decorating, reading scary books and watching scary movies.

  82. I enjoy reading scary books and decorating for the season.

  83. I love psychological thrillers and zombie movies. Right now I’m reading, This House is Haunted by John Boyne in celebration of the season.

  84. I love all the decoration and haunted hay rides!

  85. Decorations and reading Halloween themed books.

  86. I like watching scary movies!

  87. I like all the candy ?

  88. I love the scary movies. Thanks for the chance.

  89. I like the seasonal decorations

  90. I love the decorations, the cooler weather, I like that sometimes it’s foggy in the mornings and it looks spooky. I love the excitement kids have on deciding what to wear for Halloween. I love snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn or a mug of hot chocolate to watch a scary movie! This is an awesome time of year!

  91. I enjoy decorating and how excited my 10 year old gets!

  92. I like reading the scary books.

  93. Love decorating my house!

  94. I like the change of the season with the leaves and the pumpkins. Everything feels cozy. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  95. Definitely the candy, both giving and eating. Thanks!

  96. I like seeing all the kids dressedup for halloween

  97. I am a fan of scary, creepy movies.

  98. I like the candy.

  99. I love how excited the really little kids get about their costumes. The leftover candy is a big plus too.

  100. i love halloween! i decorate the house every year and give out candy.

  101. I like the decorations

  102. I enjoy that Kristen Weiss series, at least as far as I’ve read it. I want to read that Dark, Witch and Creamy. I love reading spooky (though not too spooky) books this season.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Angela!

  103. I love the colour, smell and pumpkin pie!! Thank you for this chance!

  104. I enjoy going to all the fall festivals!

  105. I am NOT a fan of the spooky season. I do however decorate the house for Fall.

  106. I love having scary movie marathons!

  107. I love everything! I decorated this week and I’m having a spooky watch marathon next weekend with my sister.

  108. I love the pumpkins and the leaves slowly changing color! 🙂

  109. I like the pumpkins and the fall colors.

  110. Books are my favorite thing this season or any season.