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His Human Nanny
(Monsters Love Curvy Girls #1)
by Michele Mills
Kindle Unlimited

My indentured servitude is almost over and freedom is a heartbeat away!

Until some alien guy buys me because he needs a nanny, quick. What the actual f@ck? I’m not even good with kids. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life. But the beings at the employment agency won’t listen. “Hew-mans are hot right now. Everyone wants a hew-man nanny.” Great. And since there isn’t another human available… I’m hired on the spot.

Yay, me.

And on day one of my new job I’m having a panic attack because I finally meet my new boss and he looks like Satan himself. No lie. Black horns, red eyes and glinting silver-tipped claws. He even has a barbed tail, a forked tongue, and he breathes fire. This guy is terrifying, and his children look exactly like him.

*heart palpitations* *hyperventilating*

And yet, as I’m caring for these strangely adorable infants and gazing longingly at my crazy-rich boss as he cradles his twin babies in his huge, muscular arms… my traitorous heart goes pitter-patter and my body heats up like lava.

Oh no.

And I begin to wonder — have I sold my soul to the devil?


His Human Surrogate
(Monsters Love Curvy Girls #2)
by Michele Mills
Kindle Unlimited

I’m house sitting for a male who had me impregnated in a med lab.

Bergelmir, my secret crush.

That rich, scary devil outbid everyone at the virtual auction and got himself to the top of the list (pissing off a lot of other Hyrrokin) and, gulp, I’m his surrogate. And…now I’m carrying Bergelmir’s baby. But I have my head on straight about this. I’m doing this so my friend can be a father. Because that’s all we are—friends.

But I have a shameful secret I’ve told no one: I wish this baby was mine. And I love that fire-breathing Hyrrokin with all of my heart.

If only he felt the same way.


His Human Assistant
(Monsters Love Curvy Girls #3)
by Michele Mills
Kindle Unlimited

I’m a corporate whistleblower running for my life, so I take the first job I can find off planet.

Now I’m a lowly assistant for some rich devil named Hannibal Hellstone? And when I say “devil,” I mean DEVIL. As in this guy’s skin is dark red, he has shiny black horns, sharp fangs, silver-tipped claws and a barbed tail. This Hyrrokin is scary AF and his eight-year-old son looks just like him. And, he has a sharp-toothed, three-headed, fire-breathing “dog” at his side.


I’m supposed to live with my new boss?

I don’t know anything about kids. And I don’t like pets. But, jeez, this guy is hawt. And his kid is sweet too. My heart cracks open for them—and their “dog.”

Hannibal starts throwing heated glances my way. But if this honorable soldier knew the real me, the girl with the checkered past, would he still want me? Oh well, it’s not like this is going to get serious—he’s told everyone he’s never, ever, going to marry anyone ever again.

This is good, right?

That’s what I want too…right?


His Human Organizer
(Monsters Love Curvy Girls #4)
by Michele Mills
Kindle Unlimited

A grumpy alien boss hires a curvy, adorable human female to organize his mess—and vows to never let her go!

I’ve been engaged to the same aimless guy for four long years, and still, no wedding date in sight. Grr. I’m completely fed up with this sham, so I tell my “fiancé” I’m taking a job off planet, hoping this outrageous behavior will allow him to finally break off our ridiculous engagement. It doesn’t. So, I leave and become an organizing consultant to some scary alien.

My grumpy boss is Skoll Strikestone, a fire-breathing satanic-looking soldier with a deep scar bisecting his face. I’m doubting my own sanity in accepting this position, but this guy really, really needs help tidying up. He’s a gruff male taking military-mandated conflict resolution classes and he’s hired me to sort out the hoarding mess he’s created in his cabin in the woods.


I soon begin to realize this hot-tempered demon has a soft marshmallow interior. And the hardest abs I’ve ever seen. Those long fangs, serrated claws and barbed tail are actually causing my heart to flutter!

One big problem—I’m technically engaged to someone else, and so is Skoll. And since we’re each still committed to these former “fake” engagements, there can be nothing between us but heated glances and emotional conversations.


Oh hell, I think I’m falling in love with a male I can’t have.


The Monsters Love Curvy Girls series by Michele Mills is fun, adorable, sexy, cheesy and quirky, but very delightful. I enjoyed each story in the series. It’s a cute alien romance and something fun to pass the time. 


His Human Nanny introduces us to the Monsters Love Curvy Girls series. We have a sweet single demon-looking alien dad with newborn twins who needs help. He hires a human nanny and I’m sure you can guess what happens. Aegir and Riley are cute together and the twins a so adorable. There is a little drama, but it all comes down to this one line “Everyone wants the same things – to be loved and understood.”

Rated: 3 Stars


His Human Surrogate is the second book in the Monsters Love Curvy Girls series. This one doesn’t have a very good introduction. We just jump into the story and I found the writing for His Human Surrogate to be disjointed. Even with that it was still a silly fun alien romance to pass the time. The couple in this one don’t spend a lot of time together. Their interactions are through messages. Chloe and Bergelmir where ok. It lacked progression in the relationship. Not the best in the series. 

Rated: 2.5 Stars


His Human Assistant is the third book in the Monsters Love Curvy Girls series. This time we get Avery and Hannibal. Hannibal needs an assistant and hires a human. He’s a single dad and not looking for love. This is a cute story. I enjoyed both characters. They both have hang-ups that they need to overcome before they get their HEA. They are adorable together right form the start. I also liked Hannibal’s 8-year-old son and their dog. The story had a few weird moments, but other then that its a delightful and fun read. 

Rated: 3 Stars


His Human Organizer is book four in the Monsters Love Curvy Girls series. Arian wants out of an arrange engagement and to find a way out she decides to work as an organizer on a far away plant. Skoll is also engaged, but his fiancé isn’t who she seemed. These two are attracted to each other, but take their time. A little drama with both needing to find a way out of their engagements they never wanted to be in. Skoll is grumpy and cares a lot about his weapons. Araian is decided to helping him organize is vast collection, but she’s also interested in his hobby. They are cute together and banter well. Another delightful and fun read.

Rated: 3 Stars

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