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I’ve been streaming a lot of different shows and movies these past few months.
Check out what I’ve been watching!




The Magicians – I’m not sure what had me coming back, but I bing watched the series. After the Season 4 I thought they should have ended it, but we get one more season. Season 5 wasn’t as captivating, but I finished it. I will see the show is very depressing in away. It has lots of sex, drugs, & drinking.


Legacies – Watched the first season, but not getting into the second season. We will see. It’s high school drama with the added supernatural elements added in.


Seinfeld – Always love a good laugh out loud show. Such a classic.


Locke & Key – Season 1 on Ep. 6 not sure yet if I’m going to keep watching. The daughter I don’t like at the moment.


Grace and Frankie – Well it’s different. Features 2 couples in their 70’s and the wives learn that their husbands are gay and have been seeing each other and now these women have to live their lives differently then what they expected. They all have adult children too. Some funny scenes and interesting cast.



Red Notice – Fun movie. Had a blast. Love the cast. I hope they make another move with this cast and as much fun.


Don’t Look Up – What an awful movie. I fast forward though many parts of it. Not recommend!


The Old Guard – Cool fun action packed movie.


Army of Thieves – This was recommended to me, since my last post of What I’m Watching I had watched Army of the Dead and this movie is set during the outbreak of the Army of the Dead, but in a different country. It features the safe cracker. It was enjoyable.



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4 comments on “Randomness: What I’m Watching On Netflix

  1. Yea! Glad you enjoyed Army of Thieves – no zombies (except on tv and nightmare!). It was different and entertaining. My kiddo and I LOVE Locke and Key… we binged both seasons right after they came out. We are watching Happy Endings – it’s an okay sitcom about a group of friends.
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    • Army of Thieves was fun.. I like the lock picking and how its all about accomplishing something that’s not been done before. Ya, the Zombies were on the TV and in a dream, not the movie thank goodness. Good one to watch before The Army of the Dead. Not sure yet on Lock & Key… We will see. I’ll have to check out Happy Endings. Thanks for the recommendation and visiting.

  2. I loved The Magicians and Legacies. Both are great shows.
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    • I enjoyed The Magicians, but wow it dealt with a lot of stuff. Not sure yet on Legacies.. We will see. Thanks for visiting!