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In my last Jaunt I told you I had a deal; we’ll when that deal ended I went to cancel KU and Amazon offered me another deal of 3mo for just $9.99. I took them up on it and now have KU until July. I’ve been binging KU titles this year and checking out new authors. As you can tell I’ve been on an Alien Sci-Fi Romance kick lately with a few other genres thrown in.
Take a look at what I’ve read!


Kindle Unlimited


Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew Series: Binged this series. It’s so good and I love Zoe Chant’s writing. I highly recommend this author and series. I plan to pick up for books by Chant.


Warriors of the D’tali Series: I very much enjoyed the first 4 books and went on to read the rest of the series. The books after the 4th can all be read as stand-alone’s. We don’t meet the other human women that landed on the plant until they get their own book. The books were fun. Some better than others. I enjoyed the D’tali. If you enjoy Sci-Fi Alien Romance then you might enjoy these. I’ve read a few different stuff by Ava York & Starr Huntress and I’ve enjoyed their out of this world romances.


Witches of Keating Hollow Seres: I love this series. It’s a sweet light-hearted romance. If you’re looking for a dash of magic, a heartfelt community and sweet romance then this series is for you. I look forward to each new title and picked up the latest release Honor of the Witch.


The Red Dragon’s Baby: I like Zoe Chant, but this title didn’t work for me. I think this is one of her earlier works and it left me disappointed. It’s a short cute fluffy story. No depth to it. Not sure if I’ll read more in the Shifter Dads series.


Salem Supernaturals Series: I wasn’t overly impressed with the 2 books I read in this series. I’m not in a rush to read more, but might one day. Both titles are cute, fun, & light-hearted. I did enjoy them, but wasn’t wow’d.


Fated Mates of the Ferlaern Warriors Series: This was my first taste of Ava Ross. Book 1 I got as a freebie, but after that I read the rest of the 5 book series in KU. The first book was ok. Very quick hook-up. After that books 2-4 had a lot of action, adventure, and hot sexy times; which I enjoyed very much. The 5th book didn’t hit the mark. I new it would feature the only teenager that went with her mother to the alien plant who is now older, but the author didn’t have her grow up and I was disappointed in the last book. The Ferlaern Warriors are sexy as can been and great lovers.


Mates of the Kaluma Series: This was my first taste of Ella Maven writing. I picked up book 1 for free and the rest of the series in KU. Bing read! I was captivated, delighted, entertained, & enthralled by this series. I loved the books except for the last book, book 4. The plot and writing were well done that I wanted to read more by this author and I am. In this series she mentions/features another race and they have their own series, so I went to that one: Drixonian Warriors.


Drixonian Warriors Series: What can I say I’m binging this series and really like Ella Maven’s alien sci-fi romance. The Drixonian’s are one sexy race. Total of 7 books in the series so far. 


Bounty Collected: I was pulled in by the cover, blurb and small excerpt that I read on FB. Unfortunately this was a disappointment. It had potential, but what ruined this for me was the grammar and English. The book needs a really good editor. I did enjoy the mystery bounty hunter hunt. I found that intriguing, but not enough to make up for the grammar issues. I have no plans to read more.


The Other Realm Series: I love capable heroines who can kick-ass, stand on their own, and have a good head on them. This series pulled me in with book 1 and I’ve been binging the 4 book series. It’s also my first taste of Heather G. Harris. What I really enjoy is all the cool characters, unique world, and of course the mystery. And, who doesn’t like a dog, aka hellhound, as a side kick. It’s got action, adventure, mystery, humor, and so much more. Really easy to read and it sucks you in. 


A Gift for the Alien Warrior: As I’ve said before I enjoy the Treasured by an Alien series and look forward to each new title. I picked up the latest and enjoyed.


I’d love to hear from you!
Any KU recommendations?
Have you read any of these KU titles? What did you think?



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  1. Oh yeah, you really made the subscription work for you. Neat that you got the additional deal. 🙂
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel CleetonMy Profile

    • Ya, I wasn’t expecting the additional deal. I’ve been taking great advantage of KU. Thanks for visiting!

  2. You read the PNR and fantasy ones. I’m hooked on the mystery / thrillers by Robert Dugoni, Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot, and more
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted… Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene FrostMy Profile

    • Yep I gravate more to PNR and Fantasy. I do like mysteries, but they need some type of paranormal element for me to really get into it. Thanks for visiting!