Review: Paladin (Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #4) by Anna Hackett

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Paladin Book Cover Paladin
Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #4
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance
March 22, 2020


A cyborg drowning in emotions and an abducted Earth woman trying not to feel.

Abducted, enslaved, and constantly worried for her daughter, scientist Dr. Simone Li has had a rough few months. Now that she and her daughter, Grace, have been rescued by the fierce cyborgs of the House of Rone, she’s trying to make a life for them on the desert world of Carthago. But guilt and worry are eating at her…Toren—a once-emotionless cyborg—was injured rescuing them from the dangerous Edull aliens. Now, he’s inundated with emotions and not coping. Drawn to the wounded cyborg, Simone must find a way to help him and still protect her battered heart.

Bred to be a warlord’s personal cyborg, Toren has prided himself on being a cool, precise fighter dedicated to his house and imperator. Now his entire life has been torn apart. He’s broken, useless, and sidelined as an elite House of Rone cyborg. Every minute of every day, he struggles through a deluge of unfamiliar emotions and wants revenge…and only one woman calms the storm.

Desperate to bring down the Edull and rescue another abducted woman, Toren and Simone go undercover in the desert. Despite the dangers around them, these two tortured souls can no longer fight their intense attraction and the pull of fierce, overwhelming emotion. But Toren will soon have a choice to make: risk it all for love or go back to being the emotionless warrior he’s always been.

The Galactic Gladiators Science Fiction Romance Series: Science Fiction Romance, Action Adventure Romance, Space Opera, Futuristic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Military Romance and Paranormal Romance.


Paladin is book four in the Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone by Anna Hackett.

Dr. Simone Li and her young daughter were abducted and enslaved. Now they are both safe and under House of Rune Protection. Toren was an emotionless cyborg, who was damaged during the daring rescue of Simone and her daughter, and now he feels everything. Their romance is one of friendship to lovers.

I adore this series and Hackett’s writing. It’s so well developed and balanced. We get just the right amount of action, suspense, and romance. I was so glad to dive back in. The books do need to be read in order; because the world and characters build, develop, and we meet the characters in previous books; before they get their own storyline.

Toren was quiet, controlled, but now he’s out of control. He couldn’t control all the feelings, except when he’s with Simone. It was nice to see the emotionless cyborg feel and watch his interactions with Grace, Simon’s daughter. Simone is strong, smart, and a single parent. I really enjoyed her and her daughter Grace. Together these two help heal each other and find love. We learning some valuable information about the Edull, the race that’s causing trouble.

I treasured reading Paladin and can’t wait to read the next installment. If you love Sci-Fi Romance then I highly recommend Hackett’s Sci-Fi.

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I’ve read one from this series and enjoyed it. I like how you describe this pair and his working through full-on emotions after not feeling them.

    • Thanks! I love read Hackett. She does an outstanding job on developing her characters, world, and romances. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Every time I read one of your books, I remember how much I enjoyed reading Anna’s books so long ago. I need to jump back in, she’s a great storyteller!
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    • Yes she is. I need to finish this series and check out some of her new stuff out. Thanks for visiting!