Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – May 2022

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Welcome To May’s Monthly Wrap-Up


I’m putting this together at the last minute.   The blog was very busy this month and real life was getting back to semi-normal.  May started off nice.  The weather has stayed in the high 60’s low 70’s which is reasonable.  My garden is coming along.  I’ve had a few strawberries and I’m just now seeing a baby tomato and bell pepper.  The flowers, especially my rosebush, is blooming out of control.  I love it!!  I am, so happy that I can now sit outside and enjoy the weather.  I prefer to be out instead of in.


In mid-May we went to my cousins wedding and we turned it into a mini-vacation weekend.  We were in Palm Springs and stayed at a wonderful Resort; Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa.  They had a lazy river, slides, a bunch of pools, and more.  Perfect for the whole family.  The only downside to the vacation/wedding is the weather.  We went from 60 to 107 degree weather.  OMG!!  HOT!!  On the wedding day it was 105.  The kid made it through, but we had to bow out of the reception around 9pm.  He was just too tired and done.  Still it was wonderful to visit with family that we haven’t seen for several years. 

Left (Family); Right (Cousin – Sister to Groom & Me)


Panda boarded for the first time and she had fun.  I was a bit nervous, but they have cameras in the play area and I could check up on her.  She was happy when we got back and we’ve been enjoying the park.


I don’t know if any of you play video games.  I used to play a lot more back in Collage, but then you leave and have to get a job and real life really happens, so many changes during that time.  Mr. Angel plays a lot of video games and he pestered me to give EverQuest a try.  When we were dating we played EverQuest II and also AION when it first came out, but that was a long time ago.  Well his pestering payed off and he got me hooked back into MMORPG.  We’ve been playing for a year.   We’re on the Mischief server and I play a Ranger plus a Wizard.  We’re also in a Guild – Nox Terrorem.  It’s been interesting and fun.


Last, May didn’t end too well.  School is out on June 3rd and the kid is going to miss the last week of school.  The Kid and Mr. Angel contracted COVID.  I’m disinfecting everything and washing my hands constantly; besides wearing a mask around them.  I hope I don’t get it, but right now everyone except me is sick, even the dog has a head cold.  Poor puppy!


(Titles link to Goodreads / Pictures link to Amazon)

The Alien’s Escape, Bounty Collected, A Gift for the Alien Warrior, Glimmer of The Other, The Alien’s Undoing, Glimmer of Hope, The Alien’s Revenge, Glimmer of Death, Craved by an Alien Warlord, Glimmer of Deception, Reighn & Sage’s Story (Dragon’s Gap #1), Sharm & Edith’s Story (Dragon’s Gap #2), Storm and Charlie’s Story(Dragon’s Gap #3), Love’s Catalyst, & Ash & Olinda’s Story (Dragon’s Gap #4)


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9 comments on “Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – May 2022

  1. I’m sorry. I thought my comment did show up. You can delete this one.

  2. Look like you have a fun month. The picture of those blue flowers are really pretty. On occasion I play video games. Recently I been playing Hollow Knight.

    Have a great rest of June.
    Marianna @ Tell me a Yarn recently posted…Graphic Novel RecommendationMy Profile

    • Hello Marianna,
      Thank you for visiting and sharing your current video game play. I do love the blue flowers this year. My kid picked them out. I try to get him interested in what is planted each year; by letting him pick out the plants. May was a fun month except for the COVID we all got. So far June is turning out nice. Not to hot yet and we’ve had a few fun summer camps. Have a great month and happy reading!

  3. Yea for a mostly fun month. I love seeing the photos of your family. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the wedding despite the heat.

    COVID has stuck our home, too. My daughter had it, and I got it from her. At least we got to isolate together. The rest of the household has been spared, so far. But I’ve been pestering my son, who is a senior, to mask up out there or he may miss graduation! I’m a GS leader for my daughter’s troop and of the 3 leaders and 2 parent helpers, 3 of us have (unrelated) covid, and the fourth came down with a fever today. We are supposed to go on a camporee event this weekend, but now it’s in jeopardy unless I can get another leader to help cover our troop. I’m so sad for these girls.

    Anyhow, I hope your husband and kid are feeling better and you stay healthy.
    Jen recently posted…Review: A Lady for a Duke by Alexis HallMy Profile

    • Oh no.. I hope you can find someone to sub in for the girls troop. We’re going to miss our Cub Scout Fire Circle event that happens 2row. The kid is now better, but both Mr. Angel and myself are sick. The kid had it then Mr. Angel and of course i catch it last. I did everything I could to avoid getting it, but to no avail. I’m on the mend. It has been no fun having the house all sick.

      May was mostly fun. We did get to do some fun things before everyone got sick. Thanks for visiting and have a great June.

  4. It’s great you got to see family. I’m loving my garden too but’s it’s starting to get to be 90s more here. Sorry about the Covid, we are still being careful and wearing masks. We haven’t had it and don’t want it or long covid. I hope they will feel better soon and you don’t get it.
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…Thrifty Thursday: Where Are They Now by UD YashaMy Profile

    • We’ll we’ve been wearing mask even with the mandate lifted. Kid still goes to school with one and we’ve all had our shots, but we still got it. It’s not as bad as it could be, but still no fun. Kid is on the mend, Mr. Angel is not, and I did end up getting it. I tried to avoid getting it, but when the whole house has it, its bound to happen.

      90’s can be ok for outside if you have a breeze, but if its muggy or humid eh. Hope you can enjoy the garden. Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

  5. I love being out in the yard this time of year, too. Your garden pics are lovely. Wow, you read a good stack this month. Yay for the family trip and able to see extended family, but boo your family is now sick. Hopefully you’ll stay healthy.

    Have a good June, Angela!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…What Happened on Box Hill by Elizabeth GillilandMy Profile

    • It was nice to get away and have a change of scenery and see family. I unfortunately didn’t miss getting sick. I caught the COVID bug. Kid is on the mend and Mr. Angel is not. My systems seam to be the mild compared to the other 2 in the house. It’s still no fun.

      I’m really enjoying the garden this time of year. It’s just the perfect weather to be out. I did read a lot in KU this month. I’ve been getting a lot out of my deal/subscription. Thanks for visiting and have a good week.