Review: Elven Doom (Death Before Dragons #4) by Lindsay Buroker

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Elven Doom Book Cover Elven Doom
Death Before Dragons #4
Lindsay Buroker
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance
May 16, 2020


Dragons make life complicated. Extremely complicated.

After returning from Idaho, I was hoping to have time to figure things out with Zav—also known as Lord Zavryd, the dragon who claimed me as his mate without asking—but the dark elves are up to their old tricks again.

Actually, they’re up to far more deadly tricks, using more powerful magic than I knew existed. I have no idea how I’m going to stop them, but if I can’t, my entire city and everybody I care about could be obliterated.

To make matters worse, Zav’s sister has shown up and is rooting around in my life. His family doesn’t approve of me, and she plans to put an end to our relationship... one way or another.


Elven Doom is book four in the Death Before Dragons series by Lindsay Buroker.

This series does need to be read in order. In Elven Doom we’re dealing with the dark elves again and their schemes are getting bigger and deadlier.

This series is addictive, full of humor, action and adventure. In Elven Doom I was on the edge of my seat with all the suspense and unexpected twists.

Val is so much fun. I’m enjoying an older heroine. She’s smart, independent, witty, sarcastic, and strong which I like. We see her finally making friends and connecting with her family; when before she’s been a loner and keeping her distance. It was a nice development.

I also adore all the secondary characters. They add to the storyline.

The only thing that’s been bothering me along the way is the hot and cold relationship; between Zav and Val. I’m not sure what to make of their maybe romance. In Elven Doom it doesn’t take over, but the hot/cold is getting frustrating. I also didn’t like the dragons in this book. They are arrogant and don’t see that going into peoples minds is a violation. Even if you can do it, you shouldn’t.

Overall I liked Elven Doom. It has all the fun Urban Fantasy aspects I enjoy in my UF’s.

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. Great review, Angel, I ‘m going to have to read this one! Thanks for sharing with me and have a fantastic TGIF!

    • It’s an enjoyable series. Happy Reading!